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  • Articles May 05, 2009

    Natividad Benito, MD, PhD; José M. Miró, MD, PhD; Elisa de Lazzari, MSs; Christopher H. Cabell, MD, MHS; Ana del Río, MD, PhD; Javier Altclas, MD; Patrick Commerford, MD; Francois Delahaye, MD, MPH; Stefan Dragulescu, MD, PhD; Helen Giamarellou, MD, PhD; Gilbert Habib, MD; Adeeba Kamarulzaman, MBBS; A. Sampath Kumar, MD; Francisco M. Nacinovich, MD; Fredy Suter, MD; Christophe Tribouilloy, MD, PhD; Krishnan Venugopal, MD, DM; Asuncion Moreno, MD, PhD; Vance G. Fowler, MD, MHS; the ICE-PCS (International Collaboration on Endocarditis Prospective Cohort Study) Investigators
    TOPICS: endocarditis, endocarditis, infectious, native valve

    Ann Intern Med. 2009; 150(9):586-594. doi: 10.7326/0003-4819-150-9-200905050-00004

  • Articles December 18, 2007

    Susan Morpeth, MBChB; David Murdoch, MD; Christopher H. Cabell, MD, MHS; Adolf W. Karchmer, MD; Paul Pappas, MS; Donald Levine, MD; Francisco Nacinovich, MD; Pierre Tattevin, MD; Núria Fernández-Hidalgo, MD; Stuart Dickerman, MD; Emilio Bouza, MD, PhD; Ana del Río, MD; Tatjana Lejko-Zupanc, MD, PhD; Auristela de Oliveira Ramos, MD; Diana Iarussi, MD; John Klein, MD; Catherine Chirouze, MD; Roger Bedimo, MD, MS; G. Ralph Corey, MD; Vance G. Fowler, MD, MHS; the International Collaboration on Endocarditis Prospective Cohort Study (ICE-PCS) Investigators*
    TOPICS: endocarditis, hacek, gram-negative bacillus

    Ann Intern Med. 2007; 147(12):829-835. doi: 10.7326/0003-4819-147-12-200712180-00002

  • Articles October 15, 1996

    Didier Raoult, MD, PhD; Pierre E. Fournier, MD; Michel Drancourt, MD, PhD; Thomas J. Marrie, MD; Jerome Etienne, MD; Julie Cosserat, MD; Patrice Cacoub, MD; Yves Poinsignon, MD; Pascale Leclercq, MD; Armine M. Sefton, MD
    TOPICS: endocarditis, bartonella

    Ann Intern Med. 1996; 125(8):646-652. doi: 10.7326/0003-4819-125-8-199610150-00004