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If you practice hospital medicine, Annals for Hospitalists simplifies your search for information that matters most to you. Developed with the Division of Hospital Medicine at Michigan Medicine and the VA Ann Arbor Health System, Annals for Hospitalists provides monthly highlights from Annals of Internal Medicine and ACP Journal Club and “Inpatient Notes”—unique perspectives on contemporary topics in hospital medicine.

Feature Editors:
David H. Wesorick, MD, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
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21 MARCH 2017

Inpatient Notes

Inpatient Notes

Annals for Hospitalists Inpatient Notes - What Do French Wine and Hospital Infections Have in Common?
by Payal K. Patel, MD, MPH, and Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH

This commentary begins as a salute to the infection control heroes from the past and ends with some innovative, new ideas for reducing hospital-acquired infections.

Highlights From Annals of Internal Medicine

Originally published for the broader Annals audience, these articles feature subjects most relevant to hospitalists.

Issues Surrounding Age-Adjusted D-Dimer Cutoffs That Practicing Physicians Need to Know When Evaluating Patients With Suspected Pulmonary Embolism

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:361-363. Published 27 December 2016. doi:10.7326/M16-2030

The Effects of Pay-for-Performance Programs on Health, Health Care Use, and Processes of Care: A Systematic Review

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:341-353. Published 10 January 2017. doi:10.7326/M16-1881

Benefits and Harms of Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment in Adults Aged 60 Years or Older: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:419-429. Published 17 January 2017. doi:10.7326/M16-1754

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Highlights From ACP Journal Club

ACP Journal Club is a monthly feature in Annals of Internal Medicine that contains editorial, easy-to-read abstracts pulled from 130 leading medical journals.

Guideline: A hemoglobin threshold of 7 to 8 g/dL is recommended for hemodynamically stable hospitalized patients

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:JC15. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2017-166-4-015

In stable COPD with moderate desaturation, long-term supplemental oxygen did not reduce deaths or hospitalizations

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:JC17. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2017-166-4-017

Pooled RCTs: In sepsis, continuous (vs intermittent) antibiotic infusion reduced hospital mortality

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:JC19. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2017-166-4-019

Review: Long-term dual-antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) after PCI is no better than short-term DAPT, even in patients with diabetes

Ann Intern Med. 2017;166:JC22. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2017-166-4-022

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