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About Annals of Internal Medicine

What Do Internists Love About Annals?

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About Annals

Established in 1927 by the American College of Physicians (ACP), Annals of Internal Medicine is the premier internal medicine journal. Annals of Internal Medicine’s mission is to promote excellence in medicine, enable physicians and other health care professionals to be well informed members of the medical community and society, advance standards in the conduct and reporting of medical research, and contribute to improving the health of people worldwide. To achieve this mission, the journal publishes a wide variety of original research, review articles, practice guidelines, and commentary relevant to clinical practice, health care delivery, public health, health care policy, medical education, ethics, and research methodology. In addition, the journal publishes personal narratives that convey the feeling and the art of medicine.

Annals of Internal Medicine has a large readership that includes the 154,000 members of the American College of Physicians and many more physicians and researchers worldwide who read the journal via institutional subscriptions. The most recent (2017) Impact Factor for Annals of Internal Medicine is 19.384 (Clarivate Analytics). With 53,689 total cites in 2017, Annals is the most cited general internal medicine journal and one of the most influential journals in the world. Material published in Annals is subject to peer review and the journal greatly appreciates the efforts of the over 18,000 volunteers in our reviewer database who provide critical input into our peer review process. Acceptance rates for original research range from 6-8% in recent years. Annals of Internal Medicine publishes new issues twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Online-first articles are generally released on other Tuesdays.

Annals of Internal Medicine is indexed in BIOSIS Previews, CAB Direct, Chemical Abstracts Service (CASSI), CINAHL, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, Current Contents/Life Sciences, EMBASE, Index Medicus, MEDLINE, PubMed, Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded, and Scopus.

A detailed history of the Annals' first 75 years is available: Annals of Internal Medicine at Age 75: Reflections on the Past 25 Years

About ACP

The American College of Physicians is the largest medical specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States. ACP members include 148,000 internal medicine physicians (internists), related subspecialists, and medical students. Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Follow ACP on Twitter and Facebook.

Editorial Policy

Annals of Internal Medicine publishes original articles, reviews, commentaries, clinical guidelines, editorials, letters, and other information relevant to internal medicine and related fields. Further details on the kinds of manuscripts that are considered for publication are provided in Information for Authors.

Portions of the content of Annals of Internal Medicine are protected by copyright. Papers authored by U.S. government employees whose work was done as part of their official duties are in the public domain. Manuscripts are accepted for publication with the understanding that their contents, all or in part, have not been published elsewhere and will not be published elsewhere, except in abstract form or by the express consent of the Editor and Publisher.

Copyrighted information on this Web site is provided solely for individual, personal, and noncommercial use. Permission for other uses must be obtained from the American College of Physicians. To obtain permissions for copyrighted material on, click on the Get Permissions link above the title of the article whose content you wish to re-use.

Statements expressed in Annals of Internal Medicine reflect the views of the authors and not necessarily the policies of the journal or of the American College of Physicians, unless so identified. Annals of Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians accept no responsibility for statements made by contributors or claims made by advertisers, nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement.

Disclaimer: The American College of Physicians disclaims all liability for damages arising out of the use of any information provided on this Web site, including special and consequential damages, expenses, or other claims. The American College of Physicians specifically disclaims any warrant, guarantee, or representation as to the correctness, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, fitness of purpose, merchantability, or use of this information.

Annals of Internal Medicine Public Access

One of the most widely cited journals in medicine, Annals gives free access to many articles at as part of its commitment to readers and authors. Easy access to this content is available through a one-time registration.

Free, publicly accessible content includes:

  • Clinical Guidelines
  • ACP Position Papers
  • AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Reviews
  • NIH Conferences
  • Selected Latest Articles
  • Summaries for Patients
  • In the Clinic Patient Information Pages

Abstracts, Tables of Contents, E-mail Alerts, and Podcasts are also free.

In addition to the access described above, Annals also makes the full content of all issues freely available in countries with developing economies and supports authors’ efforts to adhere to the NIH Public Access Policy.

The full-text of individual articles can be purchased for US $32.00; you will be prompted to purchase when attempting to access the full text.

Institutional subscriptions, site licenses, and backfiles (1927–1992) are also available; click here for more information.

Patients and caregivers seeking access to individual articles, please contact


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
Christine Laine, MD, MPH

Executive Editor
Darren B. Taichman, MD, PhD

Senior Deputy Editor
Cynthia D. Mulrow, MD, MSc

Deputy Editors
Deborah Cotton, MD, MPH, Jaya K. Rao, MD, MHS, Sankey V. Williams, MD

Deputy Editor, Statistics
Catharine B. Stack, PhD, MS

Editors Emeriti
Frank Davidoff, MD, Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc, Suzanne W. Fletcher, MD, MSc, Edward J. Huth, MD, Harold C. Sox, MD

Associate Editors
E. Victor Adlin, MD, DuPont Guerry IV, MD, William G. Kussmaul III, MD, Michael A. LaCombe, MD, Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH, Anita Palepu, MD, MPH, Mindy G. Schuster, MD, MSCE, Ashwini Sehgal, MD, Michael Unger, MD, Yu-Xiao Yang, MD

Associate Editors, Statistics
John E. Cornell, PhD, Steven N. Goodman, MD, PhD, MHS, Eliseo Guallar, MD, PhD, A. Russell Localio, JD, MPH, MS, Anne R. Meibohm, PhD, Eric A. Ross, PhD, John B. Wong, MD

Associate Editors Emeriti
John L. Abruzzo, MD, Leonard Braitman, PhD

European Editorial Liaison
Michael Bretthauer, MD, PhD

Statistical Consultant
Michael E. Griswold, PhD

Managing Editor/Publication Administrator
Jill Jackson

Manuscript Representative/Solicitation Coordinator
Mary Beth Schaeffer

Editorial Office
Nicole Caputo, Suzanne Flint, Ann Paul, Nancy O'Connor

Editorial Board

Katrina Armstrong, MD, MSCE, Boston
David Atkins, MD, MPH, Rockville, Maryland
Alan Barkun, MD, CM, MSc, Montreal
Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc, Ann Arbor
P.J. Devereaux, MD, PhD, Hamilton, Ontario
Christine Grady, MSN, PhD, Bethesda
Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD, Philadelphia
David K. Henderson, MD, Bethesda
Bruce Leff, MD, Baltimore
Peter A. Merkel, MD, MPH, Philadelphia
Michael F. Murray, MD, New Haven, Connecticut
Douglas K. Owens, MD, MS, Stanford
Anne Peters, MD, Beverly Hills
Lawrence N. Shulman, MD, Philadelphia
Mark L. Zeidel, MD, Boston

Education and Publication Committee

Richard J. Simons, MD, Chair
Rebecca Andrews, MD, Vice Chair
Gustavo R. Heudebert, MD
Jennifer A. Meddings, MD
John (Jack) D. Myers, MD
Michael P. Pignone, MD, MPH
Stephen D. Sisson, MD
Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH
John D. Thornton, MD
Erik A. Wallace, MD
Steven X. Chen, CSM Representative
Brian L. Block, MD, CRFM Representative
Ryan Kraemer, MD, CECP Representative
Sara L. Wallach, MD, AAIM Representative
Daniel Lazowick, DO, AODME Representative

Publishing Staff

Senior Vice President, Publishing
Diane Scott-Lichter

Senior Associate Publisher, Director of Sales and Circulation
Aileen McHugh

Associate Publisher for New Product Development
Thomas McCabe

Managing Editor
Mary E. Boylan

Supervisor, Editorial Production
Beth A. Jenkinson

Production Editors
Megan Caffery, Georgette Forgione, Amanda Neiley, Margaret Nelson, Glenn Watson

Digital Products Associate
Bernie Turner

Books Associate
Anna Langley

Sales Operations Manager
Jean Massimiani

Business and Circulation Administrator
Christopher Kinard

Reprints Coordinator
Helen Canavan

Sales Associates
Helen Canavan, Melis Gore

Media Relations Manager
Angela Collom

Advertising Operations

Brian S. Barker

Advertising Production and Billing
John Carney

Advertising Production Coordinator
Theresa Englehart

Recruitment Sales
Vera Bensch, Sean Corrigan, Maria Fitzgerald, Maureen Keyte

Advertising Sales

Director, Advertising Sales
Kevin A. Bolum

National Account Manager
Ken Watkins

Web Site Technical Staff

Vice President of Digital Products and Services
Steven W. Spadt

Director, Web Services and Systems Development
Dan Hoffmann

Director, Digital Product Development
Brian Sweigard

Senior Architect, Digital Products and Services
Neil Kohl

Senior Application Architect
Parsh Mehta

Manager, Content Systems
Scott Hurd

Senior Systems Analyst/Developer
Andrew Langman

Senior Systems Analyst/Developer
Dan Barron

Web Production Coordinator
Suzanne Goslee

Systems Analyst/Developer
Robert Guthy


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