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Information for Authors - Clinical Guidelines

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Clinical Guidelines

Official recommendations from professional organizations on issues related to clinical practice and health care delivery. Annals is most interested in publishing the primary guideline documents but will also consider synopses of guidelines when the primary document is published elsewhere. Synopses should focus on those issues of most relevance to generalist clinicians. [Peer reviewed]


≤ 275 words, structured

Structure: Use the following subheadings: Description, Methods and Recommendations


Include the name of the responsible organization in the title and identify the article as a clinical guideline.

Text, References, Tables/Figures

Primary Guideline Reports: Annals is flexible with length, reference, and other format requirements given the variability in the format of guidelines developed by different organizations. However, if guidelines are lengthy (>4000 words), we may require the production of an executive summary document with the full document published as a digital-only appendix. A concise table or concise graphic summarizing the recommendations and other key points is desirable.

Guideline Synopses: Text of synopses include the following sections and subheads:

Rationale, Guideline Focus, Target Population, Guideline Development Process, Evidence Review and Grading, Comments and Modification, Clinical Recommendations, Research Recommendations, Applicability and Implementation Issues, and Summary. Guideline Group members followed by key references should be listed at the end. For additional information on guideline synopses please see: Laine C, Taichman D, Mulrow C. Trustworthy Clinical Guidelines. Ann Intern Med. 2011; 154(11):774-775.


The name of at least one specific author should be listed on the byline even when the article is identified as coming from a group. If groups members should be identified as authors or non-author contributors. All individuals named as authors should meet authorship criteria (see section V. A. Authorship) and must complete author forms and conflict disclosures.

Reporting guidelines

We expect authors to include standard reporting elements suggested by the guideline groups (Institute of Medicine: Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust, Guidelines International Network: Toward International Standards for Clinical Practice Guidelines). Guidelines that meet standards will fare more favorably than those that do not.

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