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Information for Authors - Narrative Reviews

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Review articles without detailed structured methods to identify, collect, appraise and interpret information that are often summarized descriptively in a narrative form. Narrative reviews are especially suitable for describing cutting-edge and evolving developments and underlying theory. For information on the types of reviews Annals publishes see: The Editors. Reviews: Making Sense of an Often Tangled Skein of Evidence. Ann Intern Med, Jun 2005; 142: 1019 – 1020. [Peer reviewed]


≤ 275 words, unstructured


Add “A narrative review” as a subtitle


≤ 3500 words (excludes abstract and references) note that if accepted for publication the editors may request shortening even if manuscript falls below this limit


75 or fewer bibliographic references


No more than 4 tables or figures (combined)

Include a box listing 3 to 7 take-home points that link back to the original questions that the review set out to answer.

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