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Information for Authors - On Being a Patient

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On Being a Patient

Short essays about the experiences of being a patient , original work not previously published elsewhere [Peer reviewed]




1500 words maximum (excludes references)


Typically includes no references, but can include up to 5 if necessary.

Other Considerations

Authors should specify in their cover letter whether the essay is nonfiction, fiction, or a fictionalized account of true events.

If the essay is nonfiction, we ask that the authors mask the identity of people. In addition, the authors should show the manuscript to all persons described in the essay and to obtain their permission to publish the material.

Although Annals does not require signed permission from the subjects of essays, we do require the authors to state in writing whether they obtained the subjects’ permission. If the author has not obtained permission, he or she should explain the reasons for its absence in a cover letter that accompanies the manuscript. We will consider nonfiction material that does not have the subject’s permission at the editors’ discretion.

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