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Information for Authors - Original Research

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Original Research

Reports of original analyses of data on prevalence, causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, course, treatment, and prevention of disease. [Peer reviewed]


Indicate the study design in the title (e.g., add “randomized trial” or “cost-effectiveness analysis” to the full title of the manuscript).


≤ 275 words, structured

Structure (all study designs except cost-effectiveness studies):
Background, Objective, Design, Setting, Patients (or Participants), Interventions (if any), Measurements, Results, Limitations, Conclusion

Structure for cost-effectiveness studies:

Background, Objective, Design, Data Sources, Target Population, Time Horizon, Perspective, Interventions, Outcome Measures, Results of Base-Case Analysis, Results of Sensitivity Analysis, Limitations, Conclusion

At the end of the abstract state:

  • Registration: If the study is registered, specify the registry and the study’s unique registration number at the end of the abstract.
  • Funding Source: State the sources of funding. If none, state so.


≤ 3500 words (excludes abstract and references) Please note that if accepted for publication, the Editors may request shortening even if manuscript falls below this limit.

Structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions

Funding Source: Identify the funding source for the study and its role in the study’s design, conduct, and reporting. Put this information under the last subheading of the Methods section and title the subhead “Role of the Funding source.”

IRB Approval: Confirm that an Institutional Review Board approved the study prior to data collection. If an Institutional Review Board did not review the study, provide documentation that not seeking Institutional Review Board review was in accordance with the policy of your institution.


75 or fewer bibliographic references


No more than 4-6 tables or figures (combined)

Reporting guidelines

Follow relevant reporting recommendations. The EQUATOR site includes the following guidelines, which Annals endorses:

Controlled Trials: CONSORT
Cost-effectiveness Analyses: CHEERS
Diagnostic Test Studies: STARD 2015
Observational Studies: STROBE
Molecular Epidemiology: STROBE-ME
Qualitative Research: COREQ
Genetic Risk Prediction Studies: GRIPS
Quality Improvement Studies: SQUIRE
Multivariable Prediction Model for Individual Prognosis Or Diagnosis: TRIPOD


We encourage authors to submit the study protocol that was approved by the Institutional Review Board. In the case of trials, authors should submit the original trial protocol approved by the Institutional Review Board and subsequent amendments. Make sure that these documents are dated appropriately.

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