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Information for Authors - Personae (cover photo)

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Personae (cover photo)

Photographs that capture the personality of people in the context of their daily lives. [reviewed by editors]

Other Considerations

Submit vertically oriented black-and-white photographs. If accepted, the photographs must be re-submitted on a compact disk in JPG or TIF format at print-quality resolution (i.e., no less than 400 pixels at 2 inches wide, preferably at least 600 pixels at 2 inches wide).

Photographs submitted in hard copy will not be returned.

The photographer must obtain subjects’ written permission to publish the photograph unless the photograph was taken in a public venue. If taken in a public venue, the photographer should state in a cover letter that he or she obtained verbal permission to take the photograph.

The photographer need not be a physician. Anyone can submit photographs for consideration in this section.

ACP holds copyright on published photographs.

Annals offers a yearly $500 photography prize.

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