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Concurrent User Access for

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Annals of Internal Medicine offers the option of concurrent user access for institutions. Institutions can license up to four simultaneous "seats." This means that up to four users can simultaneously have access to all full-text articles on the Annals Web site. For unlimited access, a site license is required. For more information, please contact us here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long can an individual access the Annals Web site?

As long as a user is actively using the Web site, in other words browsing from page to page, they will remain logged in and have full access to site content. If there is no activity on the article page after thirty minutes, the seat session ends and the seat is considered "vacant." The seat can then be taken by another user at that institution. The user remains signed into the institution, however.

What happens when the number of seats is exceeded?

Once all of the seats authorized by an institution's license are full, subsequent users will get the message, "We're sorry, the number of seats authorized by your license have all been taken by other users. Please try again later or contact your site administrator." If there is an open seat on the next attempt that user will have full access to journal content until their seat session ends.

Can I use my personal subscription or membership to log in to the site?

Yes. Logging in to the site with your personal credentials supersedes the rules for concurrent user access. However, you must have a personal subscription to Annals of Internal Medicine or be a member of the American College of Physicians to have full access to all content.

Will site administrators know when users are prevented from accessing the site?

Yes. They will have access to monthly "Turn-Away" reports that keep a log of the number of times that the number of seats has been exceeded.

Where can I get more information on concurrent user access?

Please contact us for more information at this email address:


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