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On Being a Doctor

Personal Values

Questions to Identify Personal Values (used with permission)

  1. What is my greatest priority in life? Have I been living my life in a way that demonstrates this?
  2. Where am I most irreplaceable? At home? At the hospital? Elsewhere?
  3. Do I have adequate balance between my personal and professional lives?
  4. Am I asking more of my spouse and children than I should?
  5. What kind of a legacy do I want to leave my children?
  6. What person or activity have I been neglecting?
  7. If I could relive the past year, what would I spend more time doing? What would I spend less time doing? What changes do I need to make to help this happen this year?
  8. Why did I choose my profession? What do I like most about my job?
  9. What would I like my life to be like in 10 years?
  10. What do I fear?

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