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Annals Poetry Prize

Annals of Internal Medicine is offering a $500 prize for the best poem published in Annals in 2016. The winning poem is selected by a panel led by Dr. Michael LaCombe and 2 to 3 external judges.

We look forward to receiving your poems.

Congratulations to Lawrence J. Hergott, MD, winner of the 2015 Annals Poetry Prize. His poem "Tragedy of Shadows" was published in the 20 October 2015 issue (vol. 163, no. 8, page 644). A cardiologist at University of Colorado, Dr. Hergott is also a member of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the Medical Center and writes marvelous poetry.

Dr. Hergott's poem was selected from poetry published in the Annals in 2015 by 4 judges, Daniel Bosch of Emory University; Daniel Elpern of Williamstown, Massachusetts; and 2 anonymous judges. Mr. Bosch, an accomplished poet, has taught writing at Tufts, Boston University, Harvard, as well as at Emory presently. Dr. Elpern edits and publishes Cell2Soul, an online medical humanities journal.

Past winners:

2014: Joseph Gascho, MD, "The Joy of Medicine"
(published 16 June 2014 [vol. 160, no. 12, page 880])

2013: Bonnie Salomon, MD, "DLROW"
(published 2 July 2013 [vol. 159, no. 1, page 69])

2012: Daniela Matei, MD, "Bloom"
(published 21 August 2012 [vol. 157, no. 4, page 297])

2011: Daniel Bosch, "Agnosis: Cambridge"
(published 15 February 2011 [vol. 154, no. 4, page 226])

2010: Sarah Leeper, "What I Remember Most"
(published 5 January 2010 [vol. 152, no. 1, page 68])

2009: Beth Lown, MD, "Leylo and the Land Mine"
(published 7 July 2009 [vol. 151, issue 1, page 62])

2008: Bhuvana Chandra, MD, "Six Haiku"
(published 2 September 2008 [vol. 149, issue 5, page 367])


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