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Editorials |  4 April 2006 FREE
Improving the Outcomes of Metabolic Conditions: Managing Momentum To Overcome Clinical Inertia
Jonathan B. Perlin, MD, PhD, MSHA; Leonard M. Pogach, MD, MBA
Ann Intern Med. 2006;144(7):525-527. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-144-7-200604040-00012
Articles |  7 March 2006
Aspirin, Statins, or Both Drugs for the Primary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease Events in Men: A Cost–Utility Analysis
Michael Pignone, MD, MPH; Stephanie Earnshaw, PhD; Jeffrey A. Tice, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2006;144(5):326-336. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-144-5-200603070-00007
Ideas and Opinions |  7 June 2005
Over-the-Counter Statins
Niteesh K. Choudhry, MD, PhD; Jerry Avorn, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(11):910-913. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-11-200506070-00009
Articles |  3 May 2005
The Effect of a Plant-Based Diet on Plasma Lipids in Hypercholesterolemic Adults: A Randomized Trial
Christopher D. Gardner, PhD; Ann Coulston, MS, RD; Lorraine Chatterjee, MS; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(9):725-733. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-9-200505030-00007
Articles |  3 May 2005
Advanced Lipoprotein Testing Does Not Improve Identification of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Young Adults: The Bogalusa Heart Study
Wendy S. Tzou, MD; Pamela S. Douglas, MD; Sathanur R. Srinivasan, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(9):742-750. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-9-200505030-00009
Editorials |  3 May 2005
Diet and Cholesterol Reduction
David J.A. Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc; Cyril W.C. Kendall, PhD; Augustine Marchie, MSc
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(9):793-795. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-9-200505030-00017
Articles |  18 January 2005
A Randomized Trial of a Strategy for Increasing High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels: Effects on Progression of Coronary Heart Disease and Clinical Events
Edwin J. Whitney, MD; Richard A. Krasuski, MD; Bradley E. Personius, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(2):95-104. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-2-200501180-00008
Articles |  5 October 2004
The Effect of Long-Term Intake of cis Unsaturated Fats on the Risk for Gallstone Disease in Men: A Prospective Cohort Study
Chung-Jyi Tsai, MD, ScD; Michael F. Leitzmann, MD, DrPH; Walter C. Willett, MD, DrPH; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2004;141(7):514-522. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-141-7-200410050-00007
Articles |  15 June 2004
Effects of Aerobic Physical Exercise on Inflammation and Atherosclerosis in Men: The DNASCO Study: A Six-Year Randomized, Controlled Trial
Rainer Rauramaa, MD, PhD; Pirjo Halonen, MSc; Sari B. Väisänen, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(12):1007-1014. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-12-200406150-00010
Articles |  1 June 2004
Association of Statin Therapy with Outcomes of Acute Coronary Syndromes: The GRACE Study
Frederick A. Spencer, MD; Jeanna Allegrone, BA; Robert J. Goldberg, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(11):857-866. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-11-200406010-00006
Editorials |  1 June 2004
Observational Studies of Treatment Effectiveness: Some Cautions
Andreas Laupacis, MD, MSc; Muhammad Mamdani, PharmD, MA, MPH
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(11):923-924. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-11-200406010-00014
Articles |  18 May 2004
A Low-Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet versus a Low-Fat Diet To Treat Obesity and Hyperlipidemia: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
William S. Yancy, MD, MHS; Maren K. Olsen, PhD; John R. Guyton, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(10):769-777. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-10-200405180-00006
Editorials |  18 May 2004
Reduced-Carbohydrate Diets: No Roll in Weight Management?
Walter C. Willett, MD, DrPH
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(10):836-837. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-10-200405180-00024
Editorials |  3 February 2004
The Media Matter: A Call for Straightforward Medical Reporting
Lisa M. Schwartz, MD, MS; Steven Woloshin, MD, MS
Ann Intern Med. 2004;140(3):226-228. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-140-3-200402030-00015
Reviews |  16 December 2003
Varying Cost and Free Nicotinic Acid Content in Over-the-Counter Niacin Preparations for Dyslipidemia
C. Daniel Meyers, MD; Molly C. Carr, MD; Sang Park, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;139(12):996-1002. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-139-12-200312160-00009
Reviews |  21 October 2003
Effects of Statins on Nonlipid Serum Markers Associated with Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review
Ethan M. Balk, MD, MPH; Joseph Lau, MD; Leonidas C. Goudas, MD, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;139(8):670-682. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-139-8-200310210-00011
Articles |  15 July 2003
Statin Use, Clinical Fracture, and Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women: Results from the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study
Andrea Z. LaCroix, PhD; Jane A. Cauley, DrPH; Mary Pettinger, MS; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;139(2):97-104. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-139-2-200307150-00009
Articles |  21 January 2003
Risk Factors and Secondary Prevention in Women with Heart Disease: The Heart and Estrogen/progestin Replacement Study
Eric Vittinghoff, PhD; Michael G. Shlipak, MD, MPH; Paul D. Varosy, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;138(2):81-89. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-138-2-200301210-00007
Articles |  21 January 2003
Pravastatin for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Persons with Mild Chronic Renal Insufficiency
Marcello Tonelli, MD, SM; Lemuel Moyé, MD, PhD; Frank M. Sacks, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;138(2):98-104. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-138-2-200301210-00010
Reviews |  7 January 2003
Prescribing Oral Contraceptives for Women Older Than 35 Years of Age
Christine Seibert, MD; Ellen Barbouche, MD; Julie Fagan, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;138(1):54-64. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-138-1-200301070-00013
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