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Medicine and Public Issues |  2 September 2014
Health Policy Basics: Physician Quality Reporting SystemHealth Policy Basics: Physician Quality Reporting System
Michelle K. Koltov, MPH; Nitin S. Damle, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(5):365-367. doi:10.7326/M14-0786
Ideas and Opinions |  19 August 2014
The Medicare Data Release ConundrumThe Medicare Data Release Conundrum
Gail R. Wilensky, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(4):293-294. doi:10.7326/M14-1080
Ideas and Opinions |  19 August 2014
Medicare Physician Payment Data: Is This Transparency?Medicare Physician Payment Data
Eric M. Horwitz, MD; David S. Weinberg, MD, MSc
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(4):291-292. doi:10.7326/M14-0913
Editorials |  5 August 2014
Maintenance of Certification: Beauty Is in the Eyes of the BeholderMaintenance of Certification
Robert M. Centor, MD; David A. Fleming, MD, MA; Darilyn V. Moyer, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(3):226-227. doi:10.7326/M14-1014
Ideas and Opinions |  5 August 2014
The American Board of Internal Medicine: Evolving Professional Self-regulationThe American Board of Internal Medicine
Richard J. Baron, MD; David Johnson, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(3):221-223. doi:10.7326/M13-2478
Editorials |  15 July 2014
Are Nurses an Answer to New Primary Care Needs?Are Nurses an Answer to New Primary Care Needs?
Sandeep Jauhar, MD, PhD; David Battinelli, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(2):153-154. doi:10.7326/M14-1308
Ideas and Opinions |  15 July 2014
Faded Promises: The Challenge of Deadopting Low-Value CareThe Challenge of Deadopting Low-Value Care
Benjamin R. Roman, MD; David A. Asch, MD, MBA
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(2):149-150. doi:10.7326/M14-0212
Position Papers |  17 June 2014 FREE
Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths in the United States: Executive Summary of a Policy Position Paper From the American College of PhysiciansReducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths in the United States
Renee Butkus, BA; Robert Doherty, BA; Hilary Daniel, BS; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(12):858-860. doi:10.7326/M14-0216
Original Research |  17 June 2014 FREE
Internists’ Attitudes Toward Prevention of Firearm InjuryInternists’ Attitudes Toward Prevention of Firearm Injury
Renee Butkus, BA; Arlene Weissman, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(12):821-827. doi:10.7326/M13-1960
Editorials |  3 June 2014
Is There Value in Medical Home Implementation Beyond the Electronic Health Record?Medical Home Implementation Beyond the Electronic Health Record
Robert J. Reid, MD, PhD; Michael L. Parchman, MD, MPH
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(11):802-803. doi:10.7326/M14-0863
Original Research |  3 June 2014
The Patient-Centered Medical Home, Electronic Health Records, and Quality of CarePatient-Centered Medical Home and Quality of Care
Lisa M. Kern, MD, MPH; Alison Edwards, MStat; Rainu Kaushal, MD, MPH
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(11):741-749. doi:10.7326/M13-1798
Ideas and Opinions |  3 June 2014
Premarket Approval Supplement Pathway: Do We Know What We Are Getting?Premarket Approval Supplement Pathway
Sarah Y. Zheng, AB; Rita F. Redberg, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(11):798-799. doi:10.7326/M13-2931
Editorials |  20 May 2014
Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for Asymptomatic Left Ventricular Dysfunction in Childhood Cancer SurvivorsCost-Effectiveness of Screening for ALVD in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Richard M. Steingart, MD; Jennifer E. Liu, MD; Kevin C. Oeffinger, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(10):731-732. doi:10.7326/M14-0823
Ideas and Opinions |  20 May 2014
Electronic Health Records: Design, Implementation, and Policy for Higher-Value Primary CareEHRs for Higher-Value Primary Care
Christine A. Sinsky, MD; John W. Beasley, MD; Greg E. Simmons, MA; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(10):727-728. doi:10.7326/M13-2589
Editorials |  6 May 2014
Investing in Clinical Science: Make Way for (Not-So-Uncommon) OutliersInvesting in Clinical Science
Michael S. Lauer, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(9):651-652. doi:10.7326/M14-0655
Editorials |  6 May 2014
Improving Health Through Coverage ExpansionImproving Health Through Coverage Expansion
Austin Frakt, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(9):649-650. doi:10.7326/M14-0379
Ideas and Opinions |  6 May 2014
Patient Safety: Let's Measure What MattersPatient Safety: Let's Measure What Matters
Eric J. Thomas, MD, MPH; David C. Classen, MD, MS
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(9):642-643. doi:10.7326/M13-2528
Original Research |  6 May 2014
Economic Return From the Women's Health Initiative Estrogen Plus Progestin Clinical Trial: A Modeling StudyEconomic Return From the WHI Estrogen Plus Progestin Clinical Trial
Joshua A. Roth, PhD, MHA; Ruth Etzioni, PhD; Teresa M. Waters, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(9):594-602. doi:10.7326/M13-2348
Original Research |  6 May 2014
Changes in Mortality After Massachusetts Health Care Reform: A Quasi-experimental StudyChanges in Mortality After Massachusetts Health Care Reform
Benjamin D. Sommers, MD, PhD; Sharon K. Long, PhD; Katherine Baicker, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(9):585-593. doi:10.7326/M13-2275
Ideas and Opinions |  15 April 2014
Value-Based Payment for Physicians in Medicare: Small Step or Giant Leap?Value-Based Payment for Physicians in Medicare
Andrew M. Ryan, PhD; Matthew J. Press, MD, MSc
Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(8):565-566. doi:10.7326/M13-1715
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