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Letters |  16 August 2016 FREE
Severe Meningoencephalitis in a Case of Ebola Virus Disease: A Case Report
Daniel S. Chertow, MD, MPH; Avindra Nath, MD; Anthony F. Suffredini, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2016;165(4):301-304. doi:10.7326/M15-3066
Editorials |  7 April 2015 FREE
Reducing Firearm-Related Harms: Time for Us to Study and Speak OutReducing Firearm-Related Harms
Darren B. Taichman, MD, PhD, Executive Deputy Editor; Christine Laine, MD, MPH, Editor in Chief; on behalf of the Annals editors
Ann Intern Med. 2015;162(7):520-521. doi:10.7326/M15-0428
Letters |  17 March 2015
Mercury Poisoning Presenting as Sporadic Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease: A Case Report
Yi Tang, MD, PhD; Xiangbo Wang, MD; Jianping Jia, MD, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2015;162(6):462-463. doi:10.7326/L15-5067
Ideas and Opinions |  20 August 2013
Invasive Meningococcal Disease in Men Who Have Sex With Men
Matthew S. Simon, MD; Don Weiss, MD, MPH; Roy M. Gulick, MD, MPH
Ann Intern Med. 2013;159(4):300-301. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-159-4-201308200-00674
Original Research |  5 February 2013 FREE
Early Clinical Observations in Prospectively Followed Patients With Fungal Meningitis Related to Contaminated Epidural Steroid Injections
Thomas M. Kerkering, MD; Marissa L. Grifasi, PharmD; Anthony W. Baffoe-Bonnie, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2013;158(3):154-161. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-158-3-201302050-00568
Ideas and Opinions |  5 February 2013 FREE
Treatment of Iatrogenic Fungal Infections: A Black Mold Defines a New Gray Zone in Medicine
Shmuel Shoham, MD; Kieren A. Marr, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2013;158(3):208-210. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-158-3-201302050-00572
Ideas and Opinions |  4 December 2012 FREE
Iatrogenic Fungal Meningitis: Tragedy Repeated
John R. Perfect, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2012;157(11):825-826. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-157-11-201212040-00558
Current Clinical Issues |  15 November 2005
Why Prion Diseases Are a Mystery, and Why They Matter
Jennifer Fisher Wilson
Ann Intern Med. 2005;143(10):773-776. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-143-10-200511150-00037
Original Research |  1 December 1998
Community-Acquired Bacterial Meningitis: Risk Stratification for Adverse Clinical Outcome and Effect of Antibiotic Timing
Steven I. Aronin, MD; Peter Peduzzi, PhD; Vincent J. Quagliarello, MD
Ann Intern Med. 1998;129(11_Part_1):862-869. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-129-11_Part_1-199812010-00004
Original Research |  1 February 1996
Is It Ever Safe To Stop Azole Therapy for Coccidioides immitis Meningitis?
Daniel H. Dewsnup, DO, MS; John N. Galgiani, MD; J. Richard Graybill, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 1996;124(3):305-310. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-124-3-199602010-00004
Original Research |  1 August 1995
Twice-Weekly Maintenance Therapy with Sulfadiazine-Pyrimethamine To Prevent Recurrent Toxoplasmic Encephalitis in Patients with AIDS
Daniel Podzamczer; Jose M. Miro; Ferran Bolao; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 1995;123(3):175-180. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-123-3-199508010-00003
Original Research |  1 July 1993
Fluconazole Therapy for Coccidioidal Meningitis
John N. Galgiani, MD; Antonino Catanzaro, MD; Gretchen A. Cloud, MS; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 1993;119(1):28-35. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-119-1-199307010-00005
Book Notes |  15 July 1992
Infections of the Central Nervous System
Ann Intern Med. 1992;117(2):175. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-117-2-175_1
Book Notes |  1 September 1991
Infections of the Central Nervous System
Ann Intern Med. 1991;115(5):415. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-115-5-415_1
Letters |  1 May 1991
Delayed Treatment of Pneumonia and Meningitis
Robert C. Noble, MD
Ann Intern Med. 1991;114(9):809. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-114-9-809_2
Reviews |  15 April 1990
Bacterial Meningitis: Recent Advances in Pathophysiology and Treatment
Allan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD; Brian Wispelwey, MD; W. Michael Scheld, MD
Ann Intern Med. 1990;112(8):610-623. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-112-8-610
Original Research |  15 January 1990
Itraconazole Therapy for Chronic Coccidioidal Meningitis
Richard M. Tucker, MD; David W. Denning, MB; Bertrand Dupont, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 1990;112(2):108-112. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-112-2-108
Original Research |  15 July 1989
Persistent Cryptococcus neoformans Infection of the Prostate after Successful Treatment of Meningitis
Robert A. Larsen, MD; Samuel Bozzette, MD; J. Allen McCutchan, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 1989;111(2):125-128. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-111-2-125
Editorials |  1 November 1988
Partner Drugs: A New Outlook for Bacterial Meningitis
Elaine Tuomanen, MD, CM
Ann Intern Med. 1988;109(9):690-692. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-109-9-690
Brief Reports |  1 January 1986
A New Vibrio Species, Vibrio cincinnatiensis, Causing Meningitis: Successful Treatment in an Adult
Ann Intern Med. 1986;104(1):55-56. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-104-1-55
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