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Beyond the Guidelines |  7 June 2016
Should We Treat for Subclinical Hypothyroidism?: Grand Rounds Discussion From Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterShould We Treat for Subclinical Hypothyroidism?
Risa B. Burns, MD, MPH; Carol K. Bates, MD; Pamela Hartzband, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2016;164(11):764-770. doi:10.7326/M16-0857
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Annals for Educators - 5 January 2016Annals for Educators - 5 January 2016
Darren B. Taichman, MD, PhD
Ann Intern Med. 2016;164(1):ED1. doi:10.7326/AFED201601050
Ideas and Opinions |  18 August 2015
Aggressive Case Finding: A Clinical Strategy for the Documentation of Thyroid DysfunctionA Clinical Strategy for the Documentation of Thyroid Dysfunction
James V. Hennessey, MD; Irwin Klein, MD; Kenneth A. Woeber, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2015;163(4):311-312. doi:10.7326/M15-0762
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Screening for Thyroid Dysfunction: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation StatementScreening for Thyroid Dysfunction
Michael L. LeFevre, MD, MSPH; on behalf of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Ann Intern Med. 2015;162(9):641-650. doi:10.7326/M15-0483
Editorials |  5 May 2015 FREE
Screening and Treating Subclinical Thyroid Disease: Getting Past the ImpasseScreening and Treating Subclinical Thyroid Disease
Anne R. Cappola, MD, ScM; David S. Cooper, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2015;162(9):664-665. doi:10.7326/M15-0640
Reviews |  6 January 2015 FREE
Screening and Treatment of Thyroid Dysfunction: An Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task ForceScreening and Treatment of Thyroid Dysfunction
J. Bruin Rugge, MD, MPH; Christina Bougatsos, MPH; Roger Chou, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2015;162(1):35-45. doi:10.7326/M14-1456
Reviews |  5 August 2014
Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction and the Risk for Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisSubclinical Thyroid Dysfunction and the Risk for Fractures
Christina D. Wirth, MD; Manuel R. Blum, MD; Bruno R. da Costa, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2014;161(3):189-199. doi:10.7326/M14-0125
Original Research |  3 September 2013
A Prospective Assessment Defining the Limitations of Thyroid Nodule Pathologic Evaluation
Edmund S. Cibas, MD; Zubair W. Baloch, MD, PhD; Giovanni Fellegara, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2013;159(5):325-332. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-159-5-201309030-00006
Reviews |  3 June 2008 FREE
Meta-analysis: Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction and the Risk for Coronary Heart Disease and Mortality
Nicolas Ochs, MD; Reto Auer, MD; Douglas C. Bauer, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2008;148(11):832-845. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-148-11-200806030-00225
Editorials |  3 June 2008
Cardiovascular Consequences of Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction: More Smoke but No Fire
Paul W. Ladenson, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2008;148(11):880-881. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-148-11-200806030-00011
Reviews |  20 May 2008 FREE
Systematic Review: The Effects of Growth Hormone on Athletic Performance
Hau Liu, MD, MBA, MPH; Dena M. Bravata, MD, MS; Ingram Olkin, PhD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2008;148(10):747-758. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-148-10-200805200-00215
Original Research |  7 November 2006
Hypothyroidism after Sunitinib Treatment for Patients with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
Jayesh Desai, MD; Leila Yassa, MD; Ellen Marqusee, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2006;145(9):660-664. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-145-9-200611070-00008
Editorials |  7 November 2006
Terminal Ballistics of Kinase Inhibitors: There Are No Magic Bullets
Michael L. Maitland, MD, PhD; Mark J. Ratain, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2006;145(9):702-703. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-145-9-200611070-00015
Original Research |  17 October 2006
Is Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction in the Elderly Associated with Depression or Cognitive Dysfunction?
Lesley M. Roberts, PhD; Helen Pattison, PhD; Andrea Roalfe, MSc; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2006;145(8):573-581. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-145-8-200610170-00006
Reviews |  7 June 2005
Continuing Controversies in the Management of Thyroid Nodules
M. Regina Castro, MD; Hossein Gharib, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(11):926-931. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-11-200506070-00011
Original Research |  15 March 2005
Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy in Primary Hypothyroidism: A Randomized Trial Comparing l-Thyroxine plus Liothyronine with l-Thyroxine Alone
Héctor F. Escobar-Morreale, MD, PhD; José I. Botella-Carretero, MD; Manuel Gómez-Bueno, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2005;142(6):412-424. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-142-6-200503150-00007
Original Research |  2 September 2003
Disappearance of Humoral Thyroid Autoimmunity after Complete Removal of Thyroid Antigens
Luca Chiovato, MD; Francesco Latrofa, MD; Lewis E. Braverman, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;139(5_Part_1):346-351. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-139-5_Part_1-200309020-00010
Reviews |  5 August 2003
The Thermogenic Effect of Thyroid Hormone and Its Clinical Implications
J. Enrique Silva, MD
Ann Intern Med. 2003;139(3):205-213. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-139-3-200308050-00018
Original Research |  18 February 2003
Natural History of Benign Solid and Cystic Thyroid Nodules
Erik K. Alexander, MD; Shelley Hurwitz, PhD; Jenny P. Heering, BA; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2003;138(4):315-318. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-138-4-200302180-00010
Reviews |  3 December 2002
Effects of Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction on the Heart
Bernadette Biondi, MD; Emiliano A. Palmieri, MD; Gaetano Lombardi, MD; et al.
Ann Intern Med. 2002;137(11):904-914. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-137-11-200212030-00011
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