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Edward F. Ellerbeck, MD, MPH; Jonathan D. Mahnken, PhD; A. Paula Cupertino, PhD; Lisa Sanderson Cox, PhD; K. Allen Greiner, MD, MPH; Laura M. Mussulman, MA, MPH; Niaman Nazir, MBBS, MPH; Theresa I. Shireman, PhD; Kenneth Resnicow, PhD; and Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS
Topics: smoking cessation, disease management, smoking, counseling
Michael B. Steinberg, MD, MPH; Shelley Greenhaus, RN, MPH; Amy C. Schmelzer, MS; Michelle T. Bover, MPH; Jonathan Foulds, PhD; Donald R. Hoover, PhD; and Jeffrey L. Carson, MD
Topics: smoking, nicotine patches, bupropion, patch, tobacco
Joseph J.Y. Sung, MD; Alan Barkun, MD; Ernst J. Kuipers, MD; Joachim MoĢˆssner, MD; Dennis M. Jensen, MD; Robert Stuart, MD; James Y. Lau, MD; Henrik Ahlbom, BSc; Jan Kilhamn, MD; Tore Lind, MD, Peptic Ulcer Bleed Study Group
Topics: hemorrhage, peptic ulcer hemorrhage, esomeprazole magnesium, ulcer
Louise C. Walter, MD; Karla Lindquist, MS; Sean Nugent, BA; Tammy Schult, MS; Sei J. Lee, MD, MAS; Michele A. Casadei, BS; and Melissa R. Partin, PhD
Topics: comorbidity, veterans, colorectal cancer screening
Stanley Ip, MD; Alice H. Lichtenstein, ScD; Mei Chung, MPH; Joseph Lau, MD; and Ethan M. Balk, MD, MPH
Includes: CME
Topics: low-density lipoproteins, cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular system
Topics: tobacco, health care systems
Topics: health care reform
Sherry A. Guardiano, DO
Topics: #
Topics: #
Adam H. Skolnick, MD; Krista Michelin, MD; Ambika Nayar, MD; Daniel Fisher, MD; and Itzhak Kronzon, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Nananda F. Col, MD, MPP, MPH; Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, DrPH; Carol Ewan-Whyte, PhD; and Heather Miller, PhD, MFS
Includes: CME
Topics: hormone replacement therapy, menopause, endocrine therapy
Topics: smoking
Topics: colorectal cancer, comorbidity
Theodore Marmor, PhD; Jonathan Oberlander, PhD; and Joseph White, PhD
Includes: Audio/Video
Topics: cost control, health care costs, spending, health insurance, health outcomes
Gilead I Lancaster, MD; Ryan O'Connell, MD; David L. Katz, MD, MPH; JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH; William R. Hutchison, MSIR; Charles Landau, MD; Kimberly A. Yonkers, MD, for Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Reform
Topics: health services accessibility, public health medicine
Kenneth Arrow, PhD; Alan Auerbach, PhD; John Bertko, BS; Shannon Brownlee, MS; Lawrence P. Casalino, MD, PhD; Jim Cooper, JD; Francis J. Crosson, MD; Alain Enthoven, PhD; Elizabeth Falcone; Robert C. Feldman, MD; Victor R. Fuchs, PhD; Alan M. Garber, MD, PhD; Marthe R. Gold, MD, MPH; Dana Goldman, PhD; Gillian K. Hadfield, JD; Mark A. Hall, JD; Ralph I. Horwitz, MD; Michael Hooven, MS; Peter D. Jacobson, JD, MPH; Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, JD; Lawrence J. Kotlikoff, PhD; Jonathan Levin, PhD; Sharon Levine, MD; Richard Levy, PhD; Karen Linscott, MA; Harold S. Luft, PhD; Robert Mashal, MD; Daniel McFadden, PhD; David Mechanic, PhD; David Meltzer, MD, PhD; Joseph P. Newhouse, PhD; Roger G. Noll, PhD; Jan B. Pietzsch, PhD; Philip Pizzo, MD; Robert D. Reischauer, PhD; Sara Rosenbaum, JD; William Sage, MD, JD; Leonard D. Schaeffer; Edward Sheen, MD, MBA; B. Michael Silber, PhD; Jonathan Skinner, PhD; Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MPH; Samuel O. Thier, MD; Sean Tunis, MD; Lucien Wulsin Jr., JD; Paul Yock, MD; Gabi Bin Nun, MA; Stirling Bryan, PhD; Osnat Luxenburg, MD; and Wynand P.M.M. van de Ven, PhD
Topics: health care reform, health care systems, health policy
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