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Muhammad K. Zaman, MD; Oscar J. Wooten, BS; Ballambettu Suprahmanya, MD; William Ankobiah, MD; Peter J.P. Finch, MD; and Stephan L. Kamholz, MD
Topics: sputum, pneumocystis carinii, noninvasive diagnosis
Guillermo I. Perez-Perez, DSC; Brad M. Dworkin, MD; Joel E. Chodos, MD; and Martin J. Blaser, MD
Topics: helicobacter pylori, antibodies
David T. Felson, MD, MPH; Jennifer J. Anderson, PhD; Allan Naimark, MD; Alexander M. Walker, MD, DrPH; and Robert F. Meenan, MD, MPH
Topics: obesity, osteoarthritis, knee
Cara East, MD; David W. Bilheimer, MD; and Scott M. Grundy, MD, PhD
Topics: hyperlipidemia, familial combined, combination drug therapy
Angel Castaner, MD; Brian E. Simmons, MD; Maxine Mar, RN, MPH; and Richard Cooper, MD
Topics: myocardial infarction
Joel B. Spear, MD; Harold A. Kessler, MD; Sandra Nusinoff Lehrman, MD; and Paulo de Miranda, PhD
Topics: zidovudine
Michael J. Borucki, MD; Debbie S. Matzke, MD; and Richard B. Pollard, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, tremor, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination
Topics: elderly
Paul R. Marantz, MD, MPH; Michael H. Alderman, MD; and Jonathan N. Tobin, PhD
Topics: congestive heart failure, heterogeneity
Topics: hypertension, cardiovascular disease risk factors
Topics: primary health care, south africa, poverty
Ruth Neta, PhD; and Joost J. Oppenheim, MD
Topics: interleukin-1
Topics: congestive heart failure
Topics: frequency
Harry V. Vinters, MD; Bruce L. Miller, MD; and William M. Pardridge, MD
Topics: #
Ronald M. Andersen, PhD; Gerald S. Levey, MD; Llewellyn J. Cornelius, MA; Christopher S. Lyttle, MA; and Lu Ann Aday, PhD
Topics: internal medicine, internship and residency
Kenneth D. Grant, MD
Topics: #
Earl W. Campbell Jr., MD
Topics: #
Kenneth L. Radack, MD
Topics: #
Paul Devenyi, MD; and Michael A. McDonough, MB, BS
Topics: #
Bernard Choi, PhD
Topics: #
Suzanne M. Bergman, MD; N. Kevin Krane, MD; George Leonard, MD; Maria C. Soto-Aguilar, MD; and J. David Wallin, MD
Topics: #
Nagesh G. Kavi, MD; and Charles E. Mengel, MD
Topics: #
Leonard E. Gately III, MD; and W. Abe Andes, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: netherlands
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: directories, technology, medical, information resources
Topics: genitourinary cancer
Topics: cancer risk
Topics: drug interactions
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