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Steven D. Averbuch, MD; Caryn S. Steakley, RN; Robert C. Young, MD; Edward P. Gelmann, MD; David S. Goldstein, MD, PhD; Robin Stull, BS; and Harry R. Keiser, MD
Topics: cyclophosphamide, dacarbazine, vincristine, pheochromocytoma, malignant
Luisa Marcon, MD; Laurence A. Rubin, MD; Carole C. Kurman, BS; Mary Elizabeth Fritz, BS; Dan L. Longo, MD; Takashi Uchiyama, MD; Brenda K. Edwards, PhD; and David L. Nelson, MD
Topics: chemotherapy regimen, adult t-cell lymphoma/leukemia, leukemia-lymphoma, t-cell, acute, htlv-i-associated, antigens, cd25
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pentamidine, pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination
Peter G. Gibson, MBBS; David H. Bryant, MDBS; Graeme W. Morgan, MBBS; Michael Yeates, MBBS; Viviene Fernandez, MBBS; Ronald Penny, MDBS, DSc; and Samuel N. Breit, MDBS
Topics: hypersensitivity pneumonitis, injury of lung
Richard T. Maziarz, MD; Isidore Tepler, MD; Joseph H. Antin, MD; Mark A. Keroack, MD; W. Hallowell Churchill, MD; Wendy Holmes, MSN; and Joel Rappeport, MD
Topics: hairy-cell leukemia, mycobacterium avium complex, interferon-alpha, recombinant interferon alfa
Bruce Freundlich, MD; Dave Makover, MD; and Gerd G. Maul, PhD
Topics: antinuclear antibody, systemic lupus erythematosus, paraneoplastic syndromes
Barry C. Herzlich, MD; Edward L. Arsura, MD; Murali Pagala, PhD; and David Grob, MD
Topics: cocaine abuse, rhabdomyolysis
Alexander Sorisky, MD; and John T. Devlin, MD
Topics: malnutrition, ketoacidosis
Michael C. Bach, MD; August J. Valenti, MD; Douglas A. Howell, MD; and Thomas J. Smith, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pharynx, stomatitis, aphthous, esophagus, swallowing painful
William VanDecker, MD; and Ioannis P. Panidis, MD
Topics: polychondritis, relapsing, heart
A.H. Strelnick, MD; William B. Bateman, MD; Clara Jones, MD; Saundra D. Shepherd, MD; Robert J. Massad, MD; Janet M. Townsend, MD; Richard Grossman; Eliana Korin, Dipl Psych; and Mitch Schorow, PhD
Topics: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, primary health care
J. Glenn Morris Jr., MD, MPHTM
Topics: monsters, vibrio vulnificus
Topics: b-lymphocytes, cancer, monoclonal antibodies
Robert P. Friedland, MD; Elisabeth Koss, PhD; James V. Haxby, PhD; Cheryl L. Grady, PhD; Jay Luxenberg, MD; Mark B. Schapiro, MD; and Jeffrey Kaye, MD
Topics: #
Peter F. Cohn, MD
Topics: silent myocardial ischemia
Karl C. Klontz, MD, MPH; Spencer Lieb, MPH; Minnie Schreiber, MS; Henry T. Janowski, MPH; Linda M. Baldy, MPH; and Robert A. Gunn, MD, MPH
Topics: florida, vibrio vulnificus infections
J.M. Miró, MD; J. Mallolas, MD; A. Moreno, MD; J.M. Gatell, MD; and M.E. Valls, MD
Topics: #
Abe M. Macher, MD; Ronald Neafie, MS; Peter Angritt, MC; and Sylvana M. Tuur, MD
Topics: #
Mukesh Bhatt, MD; Michael Muller, MD; and Maria Sabatini, MD
Topics: #
Eldad S. Kisch, MD, PhD; Benno Fischel, MD; and Michael Yaron, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Vicente Garrigues, MD; Adolfo del Val, MD; Julio Ponce, MD; and Joaquin Berenguer, MD
Topics: #
Rudolf Speich, MD; Barbara Saesseli, MD; Ulrich Hoffmann, MD; Klaus A. Neftel, MD; and Juerg Reichen, MD
Topics: #
Leonard C. Altman, MD; and Penny E. Petersen, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Andrew Fenves, MD; and David Windus, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: artificial organs, politics
Topics: medical illustration, metabolic diseases, physiology
Topics: aves, body rocking
Topics: dictionaries
Topics: color, carbon dioxide laser device
Topics: #
Topics: vaccines
Topics: renal failure, acute
Topics: hodgkin's disease
Topics: blood cells
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