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Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, cat-scratch disease, aids related complex, vascular lesions
Topics: hemodynamics
Peter Kalhs, MD; Simon Panzer, MD; Kurt Kletter, MD, PhD; Erich Minar, MD; Milena Stain-Kos, MD; Reinhard Walter, MD; Klaus Lechner, MD; and Wolfgang Hinterberger, MD
Topics: bone marrow transplantation, congenital absence of spleen, graft-versus-host disease, chronic
William S. Harris, PhD; Carlos A. Dujovne, MD; Marjorie Zucker, MD; and Bruce Johnson, MD
Topics: hypocholesterolemia, saturated fatty acids, fish oil, hypolipidemia
Gerond Lake-Bakaar, MD; Winston Tom, MD; Desmond Lake-Bakaar, PhD; Neelam Gupta, MD; Sary Beidas, MD; Magdy Elsakr, MD; and Eugene Straus, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, ketoconazole, stomach diseases
Louis M. Weiss, MD, MPH; David C. Perlman, MD; Jeffrey Sherman, MD; Herbert Tanowitz, MD; and Murray Wittner, MD, PhD
Topics: pyrimethamine, isospora belli
Gerond Lake-Bakaar, MD; Elizabeth Quadros, PhD; Sary Beidas, MD; Magdy Elsakr, MD; Winston Tom, MD; Donald E. Wilson, MD; Hosoon P. Dincsoy, MD; Paul Cohen, MD; and Eugene W. Straus, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Thomas J. Myers, MD; Noubar Kessimian, MD; and Stanley Schwartz, MD
Topics: reactive hemophagocytic syndrome, mediastinal germ cell neoplasm
Walter Blumenfeld, MD; Nesli Basgoz, MD; William F. Owen Jr., MD; and Drago M. Schmidt, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, lung, pneumocystis carinii
Topics: cushing syndrome, microsurgery, pituitary gland, consensus
Bernard S. Bloom, PhD; and William L. Kissick, MD, DrPH
Topics: communism
Topics: dementia
Thomas J. Mampalam, MD; J. Blake Tyrrell, MD; and Charles B. Wilson, MD
Topics: cushing syndrome, microsurgery
Topics: health maintenance organizations
James W. Dilley, MD; Alicia Boccellari, PhD; and David Heilbron, PhD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Dale A. Matthews, MD; Thomas J. Lane, MD; and Peter Manu, MD
Topics: #
Jean-François Rossi, MD; Nathalie Fegueux, MD; Brigitte Calvet, MD; and Wandrille Godefroy, MD
Topics: #
Mariano Linares; Isidro Jarque; Pedro Pallares; and Teresa Tuset
Topics: #
Ramón Miralies, MD; Juan Pedro-Botet, MD; Magí Farré, MD; and Juan Rubiés-Prat, MD
Topics: #
Frederick H. Ziel, MD; and Anne L. Peters, MD
Topics: #
Michael H. Zaroukian, MD, PhD; and Isabel Leader, BS
Topics: #
Topics: aviation
Topics: anorexia nervosa, fasting
Topics: knee arthroscopy
Topics: hyperbaric oxygenation
Topics: laparoscopy
Topics: diet, sodium chloride
Topics: nephrotic syndrome
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Topics: color, parasitology
Topics: inflammation
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