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Joshua O. Benditt, MD; Harrison W. Farber, MD; Jonathan Wright, MD; and Anand B. Karnad, MD
Topics: choriocarcinoma, pulmonary alveolar hemorrhage, infiltrates
Robert A. Shaw, MD; Peter A. Holt, MD; and Mary Betty Stevens, MD
Topics: sarcoidosis, heel pain
Topics: cardiac rehabilitation
Katherine L. Kahn, MD; Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD; Mark R. Chassin, MD, MPP, MPH; David H. Solomon, MD; and Robert H. Brook, MD, ScD
Topics: upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
Daniel E. Singer, MD; Jeffrey H. Samet, MD; Christopher M. Coley, MD; and David M. Nathan, MD
Topics: diabetes mellitus
Topics: #
Topics: brain death
Topics: ischemia, ambulatory electrocardiography
Topics: #
Topics: blood pressure determination
Milton D. Gross, MD; Brahm Shapiro, MB, ChB, PhD; J. Antonio Bouffard, MD; Gary M. Glazer, MD; Isaac R. Francis, MD; Gary P. Wilton, MD; Frederick Khafagi, MB, BS; and L. Paul Sonda, MD
Topics: adrenal glands, computed tomography, biopsy, cancer, adrenal mass, adrenalectomy, adenoma, adrenal gland ...
Topics: combined modality therapy, endocarditis, staphylococcus aureus, substance abusers
L. J. Couderc, MD; I. Caubarrere, MD; A. Venet, MD; J. Magdeleine, MD; A. Jouanelle, MD; F. Danon, MD; G. Buisson, MD; and J. C. Vernant, MD
Topics: human t-lymphotropic virus 1, lymphocytosis, tropical spastic paraparesis, immunology
Philip A. Ades, MD; Peter G.S. Gunther, MD; Cathy P. Meacham, RN; Mary A. Handy, RPT; and Martin M. LeWinter, MD
Topics: hypertension, exercise
Barry S. Coller, MD; Lesley E. Scudder, BS; Harvey J. Berger, MD; and John D. Iuliucci, PhD
Topics: monoclonal antibodies, platelet function, research subjects
Topics: myocardial infarction, cardiac rehabilitation
Todd S. Kotler, MD; and George A. Diamond, MD
Topics: #
Richard H. Moseley, MD; Peter Traber, MD; and Jorge Gumucio, MD
Topics: #
Scott D. Holmberg, MD; C. Robert Horsburgh Jr., MD; Robert H. Byers, PhD; Charles A. Schable, MS; Alan R. Lifson, MD, MPH; George R. Seage III, MPH; and Ellie E. Schoenbaum, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Patrice Viens, MD; Antoine Thyss, MD; Georges Garnier, MD; and Philippe Ayela, MD
Topics: #
Geoffrey Falkson, MD; and Buks J. Coetzer, MB, ChB
Topics: #
John Z. Ayanian, MD; Charles S. Fuchs, MD; and Richard M. Stone, MD
Topics: #
R.H.B. Meyboom; and N. de Graaf-Breederveld
Topics: #
Kenneth E. Sherman, PhD, MD; and Michael Bornemann, MD
Topics: #
Topics: decision making
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: ear, pharynx, nose
Topics: #
Topics: occupational stress
Topics: ophthalmology
Topics: esophagus
Topics: colon, rectum, anal canal
Topics: phenotype, mendelian inheritance, x-linked inheritance, autosomal recessive inheritance
Topics: genome
Topics: genetics, kidney
Topics: dermatology
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