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Stephen S. Gottlieb, MD; Marrick L. Kukin, MD; Madeline Yushak, BA, RN; Norma Medina, RN; and Milton Packer, MD
Topics: heart failure, chronic, hemodynamics, encainide
Topics: peptic ulcer, electrocoagulation
Larry M. Bush, MD; Julieta Calmon, MD; Clare L. Cherney, MD; Michael Wendeler, BS; Peter Pitsakis, BS; James Poupard, PhD; Matthew E. Levison, MD; and Caroline C. Johnson, MD
Topics: enterococcus, penicillin resistance, enterococcal infections
Bart Barlogie, MD; Leslie Smallwood; Terry Smith, MS; and Raymond Alexanian, MD
Topics: lymphoma, oxidoreductase, multiple myeloma
Susan L. Greenspan, MD; Daniel S. Oppenheim, MD, PhD; and Anne Klibanski, MD
Topics: bone mineral density, hypogonadism, gonadal steroid hormones
Mordechai R. Kramer, MD; Mario J. Saldana, MD; Rodolfo J. Cepero, MD; and Arthur E. Pitchenik, MD
Topics: pleural effusion, amylases
Sibat Chaudary, MD; and Brian E. Jaski, MD
Topics: myocarditis, mumps
John R. Woods, PhD; James G. Williams, MS; and Morton Tavel, MD
Topics: medical research
Topics: lyme disease, reward
Thomas H. Rossing, MD
Topics: methylxanthine
E. Anthony Jones, MD; Phil Skolnick, PhD; Sergio H. Gammal, MD; Anthony S. Basile, PhD; and Kevin D. Mullen, MB
Topics: #
Jeffrey J. Popma, MD; and Gregory J. Dehmer, MD
Topics: percutaneous coronary intervention
Jeffrey R. Lisse, MD; Charles P. Davis, MD, PhD; and Margaret Thurmond-Anderle, MD
Topics: #
Stephen Clement, MD; William Duncan, MD; Lauri Coffey, RD; Kathleen Dean, RN; and Nancy Kinum, RN
Topics: #
George Hunter Myers, MD
Topics: #
Philip R. Cohen, MD; and Razelle Kurzrock, MD
Topics: #
Stephen M. Picea, MD
Topics: #
Robert T. Rolfs, MD; Jonathan M. Zenilman, MD; and Harold W. Jaffe, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Pierre Fenaux, MD; Stéphane Merignargues, MD; Dominique Pagniez, MD; Anne Janin, MD; Damien Lucidarme, MD; and Francis Bauters, MD
Topics: #
J.M. Grau, MD; X. Bosch, MD; A.C. Salgado, MD; and A. Urbano-Márquez, MD
Topics: #
B. Rouveix, MD, PhD; F. Bricaire, MD; C Michon, MD; G. Franssen, BS; J Lebras, PharmD; Hôpital C. Bernard; J. Bernard, MD; F. Ajana, MD; and J. L. Vienne, MD
Topics: #
Juan C. Idiaquez, MD; Roberto O. García Ortiz, MD; and Rodrigo K. Alonso, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: care of intensive care unit patient
Topics: pain clinics
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