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Robert L. Carithers Jr., MD; H. Franklin Herlong, MD; Anna Mae Diehl, MD; Ellen W. Shaw, MD; Burton Combes, MD; Harold J. Fallon, MD; and Willis C. Maddrey, MD
Topics: hepatitis, alcoholic, methylprednisolone
Ilana Oren, MD; Ronald C. Hershow, MD; Edna Ben-Porath, PhD; Norberto Krivoy, MD; Noam Goldstein, MD; Shmuel Rishpon, MD; Daniel Shouval, MD; Stephen C. Hadler, MD; Miriam J. Alter, PhD; James E. Maynard, MD; and Gideon Alroy, MD
Topics: disease outbreaks, hepatitis fulminant
Topics: air embolism, respiratory distress syndrome, adult, mechanical ventilation
Douglas K. Pleskow, MD; Harvey J. Berger, MD; John Gyves, MD; Elaine Allen, PhD; Arlene McLean, PhD; and Daniel K. Podolsky, MD
Topics: ca-19-9 antigen, pancreatic cancer
Kim S. Erlich, MD; Mark A. Jacobson, MD; Jane E. Koehler, MD; Stephen E. Follansbee, MD; David P. Drennan, MD; Lisa Gooze, MD; Sharon Safrin, MD; and John Mills, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, simplexvirus, acyclovir, foscarnet
Rita B. Poblete, MD; Kassandra Rodriguez, MD; Robert T. Foust, MD; K. Rajender Reddy, MD; and Mario J. Saldana, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, hepatitis, pneumocystis carinii
Michel Janier, MD; Christine Katlama, MD; Béatrice Flageul, MD; Françoise Valensi, MD; Isabelle Moulonguet, MD; François Sigaux, MD; Denise Dompmartin, MD; and Jean Civatte, MD
Topics: phenotype, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pseudoephedrine
Russell DeVore, MD; James Whitlock, MD; John D. Hainsworth, MD; and David H. Johnson, MD
Topics: leukemia, myelocytic, acute, chromosomes, monocytes
Topics: chemotherapy regimen, parenteral nutrition
Paul G. Ramsey, MD; Jan D. Carline, PhD; Thomas S. Inui, ScM, MD; Eric B. Larson, MD, MPH; James P. LoGerfo, MD; and Marjorie D. Wenrich, BA
Topics: internal medicine, predictive validity
Martin Black, MD; and Anthony S. Tavill, MD
Topics: hepatitis, alcoholic, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids
Topics: hiv, counseling
Topics: internal medicine, internship and residency, medical residencies
Richard B. Weinberg, MD
Topics: #
John E. Wilson, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Susan S. Braithwaite, MD; Mary Ann Emanuele, MD; and Sonia Collins, MA
Topics: #
Cesare Masala, MD; Maurizio Sorice, MD; Maria A. Di Prima, MD; Luisa Lenti, MD; Roberta Misasi, MD; Carlo Contini, MD; and Vincenzo Vullo, MD
Topics: #
Mark Monane, MD; Gary S. Gabelman, MD; Ellen Cohen, MD; and Jill P. Karpel, MD
Topics: #
Moshe Sonnenblick, MD; Nurith Algur, MSc; and Arnold Rosin, MD
Topics: #
Terry Linville, MD; and Dean Matanin, PharmD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Richard J. Pisani, MD; and Edward C. Rosenow III, MD
Topics: tocolysis, pulmonary edema
Lo Bernard, MD; Robert L. Steinbrook, MD; Molly Cooke, MD; Thomas J. Coates, PhD; Eleanor J. Walters, MPH; and Stephen B. Hulley, MD, MPH
Topics: hiv
Topics: #
Topics: autopsy, public policy
Topics: obesity, weight maintenance regimen
Topics: athletic injuries
Topics: computers
Topics: travel, vaccination
Topics: #
Topics: psychocutaneous disease
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: drug interactions
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