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Topics: atrial fibrillation, flecainide, tachycardia, ventricular
Neal L. Benowitz, MD; Peyton Jacob III, PhD; and Lisa Yu, BS
Topics: smokeless tobacco, systemic drug effect
Topics: chronic obstructive airway disease, dyspnea, respiratory muscles, muscle training, inspiratory
Robert A. Larsen, MD; Samuel Bozzette, MD; J. Allen McCutchan, MD; Joseph Chiu, MD; Mary Ann Leal, MD; Douglas D. Richman, MD, California Collaborative Treatment Group
Topics: meningitis, cryptococcosis, prostate
Juan Berenguer, MD; Santiago Moreno, MD; Emilia Cercenado, PhD; Juan C.L. Bernaldo de Quiros, MD; Antonio Garcia de la Fuente, MD; and Emilio Bouza, MD
Topics: hiv, leishmaniasis, visceral
John A. Robertson, MD; Isidro B. Salusky, MD; William G. Goodman, MD; Keith C. Norris, MD; and Jack W. Coburn, MD
Topics: hemodialysis, process of absorption, intestines, sucralfate, aluminum, dialysis procedure, toxic effect
Elio Roti, MD; Eliana Gardini, MD; Roberta Minelli, MD; Mario Salvi, MD; Giuseppe Robuschi, MD; and Lewis E. Braverman, MD
Topics: hyperthyroidism, methimazole, thyroid hormones
Topics: ecology
Topics: immunization
Topics: anti-arrhythmia agents
Ephraim Kahn, MD, MPH; and Gideon Letz, MD, MPH
Topics: ecology, environmental medicine
Paul H. Plotz, MD; Marinos Dalakas, MD; Richard L. Leff, MD; Lori A. Love, MD, PhD; Frederick W. Miller, MD, PhD; and Mary E. Cronin, MD
Topics: #
Topics: hiv
Camilo R. Gomez, MD; and Simon Horenstein, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Louis A. VanderMolen, MD; John W. Smith II, MD; Dan L. Longo, MD; Ronald G. Steis, MD; Peter Kremers, MD; and Mario Sznol, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Major Donald R. Varner Jr., MD, USAF; Major Mark W. Wolfe, MD, USAF; and Geoffery A. Patrissi, MA
Topics: #
Choong R. Kim, MD; Meighan B. Maley, Pharm D; and Emile R. Mohler Jr., MD
Topics: #
Suzanne K. Swan, MD; and William M. Bennett, MD
Topics: #
John E. Nelson, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Topics: hiv, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, dermatology, color
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, color, hiv infection
Topics: parasitic diseases
Topics: databases
Topics: #
Topics: endocrine system
Topics: clinical medicine, gastroenterology
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