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William P. McGuire, MD; Eric K. Rowinsky, MD; Neil B. Rosenshein, MD; Francis C. Grumbine, MD; David S. Ettinger, MD; Deborah K. Armstrong, MD; and Ross C. Donehower, MD
Topics: paclitaxel, antineoplastic agents, neoplasms, epithelial
Joseph A. Kovacs, MD; Lawrence Deyton, MD; Richard Davey, MD; Judith Falloon, MD; Kathryn Zunich, MD; Dianne Lee, MS; Julia A. Metcalf; Joseph W. Bigley, MS; Leigh A. Sawyer, DVM, MPH; Kathryn C. Zoon, PhD; Henry Masur, MD; Anthony S. Fauci, MD; and H. Clifford Lane, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, interferons, kaposi sarcoma, zidovudine
Daniel S. Oppenheim, MD, PhD; Susan L. Greenspan, MD; Nicholas T. Zervas, MD; David A. Schoenfeld, PhD; and Anne Klibanski, MD
Topics: hyperprolactinemia, lipids
Antonio Bonetti, MD; Rainer Weber, MD; Markus W. Vogt, MD; Werner Wunderli, PhD; Walter Siegenthaler, MD; and Ruedi Lüthy, MD
Topics: hiv-1, immunologic deficiency syndromes, cytomegalovirus, viruses, intravenous drug user
Topics: malaria, falciparum, norfloxacin
Gerard J. Sheehan, MB; Morley R Kutzner, MD; and Wu D. Chin, MB
Topics: indomethacin, eye, asthma, acute
Topics: ethics, life sustaining treatment
Laurence F. McMahon Jr., MD, MPH; Frederick A. Creighton, MHA; Annette M. Bernard, MD, MS; Wilbur B. Pittinger, MA; and William N. Kelley, MD
Topics: #
Richard H. White, MD; John P. McGahan, MD; Martha M. Daschbach; and Ross P. Hartling, MD
Topics: deep vein thrombosis, ultrasonography
Topics: fluoroquinolones, malaria
Topics: therapeutic protein
Richard B. Devereux, MD; Randi Kramer-Fox, MS; and Paul Kligfield, MD
Topics: mitral valve prolapse
Mario C. Raviglione, MD; Peter Mariuz, MD; Jeffrey Sugar, MD; and Michael P. Mullen, MD
Topics: #
Neelam Taneja-Uppal, MD; Sindee Rappaport, MD; Barbara J. Berger, MD; Esmond Davidson, MD; and James J. Rahal, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Andrew C. Dixon, MD; Jeffrey M. Nakamura, MD; Noboru Oishi, MD; Dennis H. Wachi, MD; and Osamu Fukuyama, MD
Topics: #
Patrick M. Dunn, MD; and Mark McKinstry, MD
Topics: #
Edward A. Sasse, PhD; Basil T. Doumas, PhD; and Jacob Lemann Jr., MD
Topics: #
Christopher M. Hughes, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: intensive care
Topics: #
Topics: syncope
Topics: ultrasonography
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: fire - disasters, fire - physical phenomenon
Topics: acid-base equilibrium
Topics: cystic kidney
Topics: respiratory tract infections
Topics: congenital abnormality, communicable diseases, immune system diseases, chest
Topics: genetic counseling
Topics: gastrointestinal motility
Topics: bodily secretions
Topics: lithotripsy
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