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Bernard Fisher, MD; Carol Redmond, ScD; D. Lawrence Wickerham, MD; Norman Wolmark, MD; David Bowman, MD; Jean Couture, MD; Nikolay V. Dimitrov, MD; Richard Margolese, MD; Sandra Legault-Poisson, MD; and André Robidoux, MD
Topics: immunologic adjuvants, pharmaceutical adjuvants, intestines, breast, breast cancer, systemic therapy, national surgical ...
Harold Frucht, MD; John M. Howard, MD; James I. Slaff, MD; Steven A. Wank, MD; Denis M. McCarthy, MD; Paul N. Maton, MD; Rakesh Vinayek, MD; Jerry D. Gardner, MD; and Robert T. Jensen, MD
Topics: calcium, zollinger-ellison syndrome, secretin
Yeon S. Ahn, MD; Rafael Rocha, MD; Ravindra Mylvaganam, PhD; Rolando Garcia, MD; Robert Duncan, PhD; and William J. Harrington, MD
Topics: danazol, autoimmune thrombocytopenia
Richard H. White, MD; Stephen A. McCurdy, MD, MPH; Hans von Marensdorff, MD; David E. Woodruff Jr, MD; and Lori Leftgoff, PA
Topics: warfarin, prothrombin time
Nicholas J. Talley, MB, PhD; Christopher G. Chute, MD; David E. Larson, MD; Robert Epstein, MD, MS; Eva G. Lydick, PhD; and L. Joseph Melton III, MD
Topics: pernicious anemia, adenocarcinoma of large intestine
Topics: diet, fish oil, fibrinogen assay
Kerry Siminoski, MD; Paul Goss, MD, PhD; and Daniel J. Drucker, MD
Topics: cushing syndrome, medroxyprogesterone acetate
Stuart P. Leitner, MD; Paul Greenberg, MD; Linda A. Danieu, MD; and Richard A. Michaelson, MD
Topics: carcinoid tumor, cyproheptadine
Peter A. Selwyn, MD, MPH; Anat R. Feingold, MD; Anita Iezza, RPAC; Meera Satyadeo, RPAC; Janice Colley, RPAC; Rafael Torres, RPAC; and Jane F. M. Shaw, MD
Topics: hiv, primary health care, methadone
Charles Safran, MD; Douglas Porter, EdD; John Lightfoot, AB; Charles D. Rury, BA; Lisa H. Underhill, MS; Howard L. Bleich, MD; and Warner V. Slack, MD
Topics: academic medical centers, teaching hospitals
Topics: gastrinoma
David R. Hill, MD; and Richard D. Pearson, MD
Topics: travel, measles
William G. Henderson, PhD; Steven Goldman, MD; Jack G. Copeland, MD; Thomas E. Moritz, MS; and Laurence A. Harker, MD
Topics: anticoagulation, coronary artery bypass surgery
Richard F. LeBlond, MD
Topics: #
Myron R. Melamed, MD; and Betty J. Flehinger, MD
Topics: #
C. Fordham von Reyn, MD; and Susan M. Saviteer, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Ma. Josep Condom, MD; B. Clotet, MD; G. Sirera, MD; F. Milla, MD; and M. Foz, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Robert H. Knopp, MD
Topics: #
Topics: geriatric assessment
Topics: occupational health services
Topics: health personnel, health promotion
Topics: alcohol dependence, substance dependence
Topics: homeopathy
Topics: money
Topics: sweat
Topics: echocardiography, pediatrics
Topics: outpatients, psychiatry
Topics: ego
Topics: #
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