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Rosanne Murphy, MD; Richard Swartz, MD; and Paul B. Watkins, MD
Topics: acetaminophen overdose, isoniazid
Jeffrey E. Godwin, MD; and Steven A. Sahn, MD
Topics: thoracentesis, mechanical ventilation
Topics: expert testimony
Topics: head and neck cancer
Topics: ethics, economics, incentives
Robert M. Arnold, MD; and Lachlan Forrow, MD
Topics: client satisfaction, ethics, income, internal medicine, israel, patient-centered care, socialization, individualized medicine, ...
Topics: hiv-1, hiv transmission
Topics: abdominal aortic aneurysm
Herbert M. Dean, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Frederick M. Hecht, MD
Topics: #
Peter Kalhs, MD; Peter Kier, MD; and Klaus Lechner, MD
Topics: #
Alfredo Quinones-Galvan, MD; Alberto Lifshitz-Guinzberg, MD; and Guillermo J. Ruiz-Arguelles, MD
Topics: #
O. D. Bruno, MD; M. A. Rossi, MD; and L. N. Contreras, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Jerri Bryant, RN, MPH, CIC; and Sandy Pirwitz, RN, MS, CIC
Topics: #
Stephen E. Silver, MD
Topics: #
Kwan Kew Lai, MD
Topics: #
Angelo Taranta, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Abraham Verghese, MD
Topics: #
Elizabeth Donegan, MD; Maria Stuart, MPH; Joyce C. Niland, PhD; Henry S. Sacks, MD, PhD; Stanley P. Azen, PhD; Shelby L. Dietrich, MD; Cheryl Faucett, MS; Mary Ann Fletcher, PhD; Steven H. Kleinman, MD; Eva A. Operskalski, PhD; Herbert A. Perkins, MD; Johanna Pindyck, MD; Eugene R. Schiff, MD; Daniel P. Stites, MD; Peter A. Tomasulo, MD; James W. Mosley, MD, Transfusion Safety Group*
Topics: hiv-1, antibodies
David K. Henderson, MD; Barbara J. Fahey, BSN; Mary Willy, BSN, MPH; James M. Schmitt, MD, MS; Kathleen Carey, RN, MS; Deloris E. Koziol, PhD; H. Clifford Lane, MD; Joan Fedio, RN; and Alfred J. Saah, MD, MPH
Topics: exposure, hiv-1, hiv transmission
Robert H. Brook, MD, ScD; Rolla Edward Park, PhD; Mark R. Chassin, MD; Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD; Joan Keesey, BA; and David H. Solomon, MD
Topics: endarterectomy, carotid, elderly
Kathryn H. Myburgh, PhD; Janice Hutchins, BSc Med; Abdul B. Fataar, MMed; Stephen F. Hough, MMed; and Timothy D. Noakes, MMed
Topics: stress fractures, bone density decreased, athlete
Dawn Provenzale, MD; John W. Garrett, MD; Sean E. Condon, MS; and Robert S. Sandler, MD, MPH
Topics: adenoma, colon, polyp, metaplastic, rectosigmoid junction
Henry Stevenson, MD; Adi F. Gazdar, MD; Ruby Phelps, AAS; R. Ilona Linnoila, MD; Daniel C. Ihde, MD; Bimal Ghosh, MD; Thomas Walsh, MD; Edward L. Woods, MD; Herbert Oie, PhD; Teresa O'Connor, MPH; Robert Makuch, PhD; Barnett S. Kramer, MD; and James L. Mulshine, MD
Topics: non-small-cell lung carcinoma, tumor cell, prognostic factors
Topics: colorectal cancer, genetics
Topics: consultation, psychiatry, obstetrics
Topics: elderly
Topics: genome
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: geriatrics, science of nutrition
Topics: osteoporosis
Topics: osteoporosis
Topics: athletic injuries
Topics: eye, systemic disease
Topics: science of nutrition
Topics: liver diseases, gastroenterology
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, skin manifestations
Topics: #
Topics: ambulatory care services
Topics: #
Topics: health services administration, principles of law and justice
Topics: ethics, ethics, medical
Topics: psychiatry
Topics: bone marrow
Topics: bone marrow transplantation
Topics: nephrology
Topics: kidney
Topics: argipressin, vasopressins, bodily secretions
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