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James H. Warram, MD, SCD; Blaise C. Martin, MD; Andrzej S. Krolewski, MD, PhD; J. Stuart Soeldner, MD; and C. Ronald Kahn, MD
Topics: diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus, type 2, glucose, hyperinsulinism, parent
Susan M. Rubin, MPH; Stephen Sidney, MD, MPH; Dennis M. Black, PhD; Warren S. Browner, MD, MPH; Stephen B. Hulley, MD, MPH; and Steven R. Cummings, MD
Topics: hypercholesterolemia, coronary heart disease, elderly
Philippe Chanson, MD; José Timsit, MD; Christiane Masquet, MD; André Warnet, MD; Pierre-Jean Guillausseau, MD; Pascal Birman, MD; Alan G. Harris, MD; and Jean Lubetzki, MD
Topics: acromegaly, cardiovascular system, octreotide, somatostatin analog
Norbert Frickhofen, MD; Janis L. Abkowitz, MD; Monika Safford, MD; J. Michael Berry, MD; Jorge Antunez-de-Mayolo, MD; Alan Astrow, MD; Robert Cohen, MD; Ira Halperin, MD; Lambert King, MD, PhD; David Mintzer, MD; Bernard Cohen, MD; and Neal S. Young, MD
Topics: anemia, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, hiv-1, infections, parvovirus
Eileen D. Franke, PhD; F. Stephen Wignall, MD; Maria E. Cruz, MD; Ernesto Rosales, MD; Adolfo A. Tovar; Carmen M. Lucas; Alejando Llanos-Cuentas, MD; and Jonathan D. Berman, MD, PhD
Topics: mucosal leishmaniasis, sodium stibogluconate, toxic effect
Topics: proteinuria, calcium channel blockers, diabetes mellitus
Oleh W. Hnatiuk, MD; Thomas A. Dillard, MD; and Charles N. Oster, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, sclerotherapy, bleomycin
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute, thrombolytic therapy
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute, streptokinase, infarction
Topics: environmental medicine
David S. Macpherson, MD; Rita Snow, MD; and Richard P. Lofgren, MD, MPH
Topics: reference values, surgical procedures, elective, prothrombin time, sodium, complete blood count, screening ...
Sharon K. Inouye, MD, MPH; Christopher H. van Dyck, MD; Cathy A. Alessi, MD; Sharyl Balkin, MD; Alan P. Siegal, MD; and Ralph I. Horwitz, MD
Topics: delirium, confusion assessment method
Topics: diabetes mellitus, type 2
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute, thrombolytic therapy
Topics: #
Russell D. Wong, MD; and Goetz Matthew B., MD
Topics: #
Kimberly Shriner, MD; and Matthew Bidwell Goetz, MD
Topics: #
Jason Shen, MD; and Antonella Quattromani, MD
Topics: #
Paul D. Scanlon, MD; and Paul L. Enright, MD
Topics: #
Archana Patel, MD; and Daniel Goldman, MD
Topics: #
Fredric S. Young, PhD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Joseph S. Castorina, MD, MPH; and Linda Rosenstock, MD, MPH
Topics: environmental medicine, physician shortages
Topics: government, united states social security administration, stress
Topics: intensive care
Topics: aviation
Topics: osteoporosis
Topics: genetics, science of nutrition
Topics: anatomy
Topics: hypertension
Topics: cyclosporine
Topics: asthma, inflammatory disorder
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