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Marie R. Griffin, MD; Joyce M. Piper, DrPH; James R. Daugherty, MS; Mary Snowden, RN; and Wayne A. Ray, PhD
Topics: anti-inflammatory agents, peptic ulcer, elderly
Timothy F. Christian, MD; Ian P. Clements, MD; Thomas Behrenbeck, MD, PhD; Kenneth C. Huber, MD; James H. Chesebro, MD; Bernard J. Gersh, MD, ChB, DPhil; and Raymond J. Gibbons, MD
Topics: myocardial infarction, electrocardiogram, reperfusion therapy, infarction
Richard Menzies, MD, MSc; and Marc Charbonneau, MD
Topics: pleural diseases, thoracoscopy
Federico Tremolada, MD; Carla Casarin, MD; Alessandro Tagger, PhD; Maria Luisa Ribero, PhD; Giuseppe Realdi, MD; Alfredo Alberti, MD; and Arturo Ruol, MD
Topics: hepatitis c antibodies, posttransfusion viral hepatitis
Alexandra E. Read, MD; Elizabeth Donegan, MD; John Lake, MD; Linda Ferrell, MD; Cynthia Galbraith, RN; I. K. Kuramoto, BS; Jerome B. Zeldis, MD, PhD; Nancy L. Ascher, MD, PhD; John Roberts, MD; and Teresa L. Wright, BM, BS
Topics: hepatitis c, liver transplantation
David C. Zoschke, MD, PhD; Archibald A. Skemp, MD; and Dana L. Defosse, BS
Topics: lyme disease, borrelia burgdorferi
Michael Sackmann, MD; Juergen Pauletzki, MD; Tilman Sauerbruch, MD; Joseph Holl, MD; Gustav Schelling, MD; and Gustav Paumgartner, MD
Topics: lithotripsy, gallbladder
Richard G. Lalonde, MD; Jean G. Deschênes, MD; and Christopher Seamone, MD
Topics: edema, zidovudine
Maura K. Roush, PharmD; Robert A. McNutt, MD; and T. Flint Gray, MD
Topics: drug information services
Mark A. Kelley, MD; Jeffrey L. Carson, MD; Harold I. Palevsky, MD; and J. Sanford Schwartz, MD
Topics: pulmonary embolism
Topics: systemic infection, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, septicemia, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
Harold M. Swartz, MD, PhD; and Diane L. Gottheil, PhD
Topics: health care systems
James E. Casanova, MD
Topics: #
John L. Wright, MD
Topics: #
Andrew H. Soll, MD; Wilfred M. Weinstein, MD; John Kurata, PhD; and Denis McCarthy, MD
Topics: #
Robert J. Veenstra, MA; and Jeannine Cyr Gluck, MLS
Topics: #
Joel S. Weissman, PhD; Robert Stern, MD; Stephen L. Fielding, PhD; and Arnold M. Epstein, MD, MA
Topics: health services accessibility
A. S. Barritt III, MD
Topics: thumb
Paul F. Kelly, MD; Daniel J. Williford, PhD, MD; and Philip Greenland, MD
Topics: unstable angina
Keith D. Wrenn, MD
Topics: osmolality
Topics: venous thrombosis, low-molecular-weight heparin
F.W. Busch, MD; H. Schmidt, MD; and B. Steinke, MD
Topics: disseminated eosinophilic collagen disease, primary eosinophilic endomyocardial cardiomyopathy, interferon-alpha, recombinant interferon alfa ...
J. Marc Vedrinne, MD; Christian Guillaume, MD; and M. Claire Gagnieu, MD
Topics: fat embolism
Michael Weissel, MD; Doris Kerö, MD; and Wolfgang Woloszczuk, PhD
Topics: bone mineral density, thyroxine
Topics: hemoperfusion, verapamil, toxic effect
Eric L. Michelson, MD
Topics: labetalol, hepatotoxicity
J.P. Deslypere, MD; and A. Vermeulen, MD
Topics: simvastatin, rhabdomyolysis
Gerald A. Faich, MD, MPH; Myra F. Frick; and Harris Koffer, PharmD
Topics: crohn's disease, diarrhea, misoprostol
Gerônimo Lluberas-Acosta, MD
Topics: chronic pain
Ralph T. Bryan, MD; and Govinda S. Visvesvara, PhD
Topics: coccidia, microsporidia
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