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Michael J. Koren, MD; Richard B. Devereux, MD; Paul N. Casale, MD; Daniel D. Savage, MD, PhD; and John H. Laragh, MD
Topics: hypertension, essential, morbidity, ventricular mass
Serpil C. Erzurum, MD; Jonathan A. Leff, MD; Judith Evans Cochran, RN; Lynn M. Ackerson, PhD; Stanley J. Szefler, MD; Richard J. Martin, MD; and Gary R. Cott, MD
Topics: asthma, methotrexate, steroids
Michel Henry-Amar, MD; Samuel Friedman, MD; Marcel Hayat, MD; Reinier Somers, MD; Jokobus H. Meerwaldt, MD; Patrice Carde, MD; J. M. V. Burgers, MD; José Thomas, MD; M. Monconduit, MD; E. M. Noordijk, MD; D. Bron, MD; René Regnier, MD; B. E. de Pauw, MD; Alain Tanguy, MD; Jean-Marc Cosset, MD; Noëlle Dupouy; Maurice Tubiana, MD, EORTC Lymphoma Cooperative Group*
Topics: erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hodgkin's disease
Joel K. Greenson, MD; Peter C. Belitsos, MD; John H. Yardley, MD; and John G. Bartlett, MD
Topics: diarrhea, chronic, hiv enteropathy, duodenum, mucous membrane
John S. Floras, MD, DPhil; Louis Legault, MD; Gilles A. Morali, MD; Kazuhiro Hara, MD; and Laurence M. Blendis, MD
Topics: ascites, liver cirrhosis
Carol S. North, MD; David H. Alpers, MD; John E. Helzer, MD; Edward L. Spitznagel, PhD; and Ray E. Clouse, MD
Topics: inflammatory bowel disease, depressive disorders
Kit-fai Wong, MBBS; Pak-kwan Hui, MD; John K. C. Chan, MBBS; Yuk-wah Chan, MMed; and Shau-yin Ha, MBBS
Topics: systemic lupus erythematosus, reactive hemophagocytic syndrome
Paul A. Tunick, MD; Alfred T. Culliford, MD; Patrick J. Lamparello, MD; and Itzhak Kronzon, MD
Topics: aortic arch, atherosclerosis, embolism
Paula Stillman, MD; David Swanson, PhD; Mary Beth Regan, EdD; Mary M. Philbin; Virginia Nelson; Thomas Ebert, MD; Bryson Ley, MD; Thomas Parrino, MD; Jeannette Shorey, MD; Alfred Stillman, MD; Elaine Alpert, MD; Joel Caslowitz, MD; David Clive, MD; James Florek, MD; Milton Hamolsky, MD; Charles Hatem, MD; Janice Kizirian, MD; Richard Kopelman, MD; David Levenson, MD; Gilbert Levinson, MD; Jack McCue, MD; Henry Pohl, MD; Fred Schiffman, MD; Joel Schwartz, MD; Michael Thane, MD; and Marshall Wolf, MD
Topics: internal medicine, patient simulation, medical residencies
Michele Trucksis, PhD, MD; David C. Hooper, MD; and John S. Wolfson, MD, PhD
Topics: fluoroquinolones, genus staphylococcus
Topics: academic medical centers, internship and residency, schools, medical
Topics: #
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute, streptokinase, alteplase
Michael B. Jacobs, MD
Topics: pneumonia
Topics: gastrointestinal bleeding
Topics: glomerulonephritis, autoantibodies, cytoplasm, neutrophil
Gary S. Ferenchick, MD
Topics: cerebrovascular accident, ischemic stroke, drug abuse
Thomas S. Moulding, MD; Allen G. Redeker, MD; and Gary C. Kanel, MD
Topics: acetaminophen, isoniazid, toxic effect
Donna R. Grogan, MD; and Richard S. Irwin, MD
Topics: thoracentesis
Topics: colorectal cancer
Topics: #
Edward Lifshitz, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: consultation
Topics: #
Topics: arts
Topics: #
Topics: cpt codes
Topics: gastric function
Topics: endoscopy, gastrointestinal
Topics: #
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