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Wallace V. Epstein, MD; Curtis J. Henke, PhD; Edward H. Yelin, PhD; and Patricia P. Katz, PhD
Topics: rheumatoid arthritis, gold
Marno C. M. Rijk, MD; Ruud A. van Hogezand, MD, PhD; Henk J. J. van Lier, MSc; and Jan H. M. van Tongeren, MD, PhD
Topics: prednisone, crohn's disease, sulfasalazine
David R. Calkins, MD, MPP; Lisa V. Rubenstein, MD; Paul D. Cleary, PhD; Allyson R. Davies, PhD; Alan M. Jette, PhD; Arlene Fink, PhD; Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD; Roy T. Young, MD; Robert H. Brook, MD; and Thomas L. Delbanco, MD
Topics: functional disability
Kent A. Sepkowitz, MD; Edward E. Telzak, MD; Jonathan W. M. Gold, MD; Edward M. Bernard, BA; Steve Blum, PhD; Melanie Carrow, RN; Mark Dickmeyer, RN; and Donald Armstrong, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pneumothorax
John J. Hayes, MD; Robert B. Stewart, MD; H. Leon Greene, MD; and Gust H. Bardy, MD
Topics: tachycardia, ventricular
Duncan J. Stewart, MD; Robert D. Levy, MD; Peter Cernacek, MD; and David Langleben, MD
Topics: endothelin-1, pulmonary hypertension, plasma
William T. Branch, MD; Ronald A. Arky, MD; Beverly Woo, MD; John D. Stoeckle, MD; Donald B. Levy, MD; and William C. Taylor, MD
Topics: students, medical
Daniel W. Rahn, MD; and Stephen E. Malawista, MD
Topics: lyme disease
Topics: adenosine, supraventricular tachycardia, verapamil
Topics: second heart sound, s2, biometry, cancer care facilities, islam
Maria H. Sjogren, MD, MPH; Charles H. Hoke, MD; Leonard N. Binn, PhD; Kenneth H. Eckels, PhD; Doria R. Dubois, PhD; Lionel Lyde; Amy Tsuchida, MD; Stanley Oaks Jr., PhD; Ruth Marchwicki, BS; Wayne Lednar, MD, PhD; Robert Chloupek, MD; John Ticehurst, MD; and William H. Bancroft, MD
Topics: hepatitis a vaccines
Michelle S. Malane, MD; Jane M. Grant-Kels, MD; Henry M. Feder Jr., MD; and Steven W. Luger, MD
Topics: lyme disease, skin manifestations
Masood Akhtar, MD; Hasan Garan, MD; Michael H. Lehmann, MD; and Paul J. Troup, MD
Topics: #
Gregg Coodley, MD; and Marcia Kerensky Coodley, MD
Topics: internal medicine
Topics: osteoporosis, vitamin d
Romain K. Gherardi, MD; Denis Malapert, MD; and Jean-Denis Degos, MD
Topics: angiolymphoid hyperplasia, poems syndrome
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD
Topics: thrombolytic therapy
Alicia Zalka, BA; Marc E. Grossman, MD; and David N. Silvers, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, syphilis
Ann K. Ferris, MD; Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH; and Mark J. Young, MD
Topics: manual pelvic examination
Topics: #
Andre S. Midgette, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Topics: physicians, women, stress
Topics: #
Topics: coma
Topics: #
Topics: cardiovascular diseases, thrombolytic therapy
Topics: hypertension
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