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Philippe Deloron, MD; Jean Paul Lepers, MD; Lucie Raharimalala, MD; Béatrice Dubois, MA; Pierre Coulanges, MD; and Jean Jacques Pocidalo, PhD
Topics: malaria, falciparum, pefloxacin
Martin Fleisher, PhD; Sidney J. Winawer, MD; Ann Graham Zauber, PhD; Carol Smith, BS; and Morton K. Schwartz, PhD
Topics: fecal occult blood test
Eric J. Topol, MD; David R. Holmes, MD; and William J. Rogers, MD
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute, coronary angiography, thrombolytic therapy
Topics: diuretics, diuretic resistance
Topics: #
Topics: smoking, skin wrinkling
Gladys Block, PhD; Donald Earl Henson, MD; and Mark Levine, MD
Topics: ascorbic acid
Paul M. Ridker, MD; JoAnn E. Manson, MD; J. Michael Gaziano, MD; Julie E. Buring, ScD; and Charles H. Hennekens, MD
Topics: aspirin, angina, stable
Donald P. Kadunce, MD; Randy Burr, MD; Richard Gress, MS; Richard Kanner, MD; Joseph L. Lyon, MD; and John J. Zone, MD
Topics: smoking, face, sodium chloride
Topics: phlebitis, catheter device, infusion procedures
Patrick Litam, MD; Forrest Swan, MD; Fernando Cabanillas, MD; Susan L. Tucker, PhD; Peter McLaughlin, MD; Fredrick B. Hagemeister, MD; Maria A. Rodriguez, MD; and William S. Velasquez, MD
Topics: low grade lymphoma (neoplasm)
Topics: hiv, lung diseases, mycobacterium kansasii
Topics: propranolol, portal hypertension, liver cirrhosis, isosorbide mononitrate
Topics: ethics, ethics, medical, national institute of mental health (u.s.), drug abuse
Topics: staphylococcal infections
Nand K. Wadhwa, MD; Harold Atkins, MD; and Thelma Cabralda, RN
Topics: erythromycin, gastroparesis, intraperitoneal infusion
German R. Stemmelin, MD; Jorge Bernaciak, MD; and José G. Casas, MD
Topics: bronchiolitis, leukemia
N. Mullai, MD; Kulumani M. Sivarajan, MD; and Gail Shiomoto, MD
Topics: barrett's esophagus
Jack P. Chen, MD; Robert L. Braham, MD; and Kathleen E. Squires, MD
Topics: diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus, type 2, pentamidine
Jean-François De Plaen, MD
Topics: blood pressure
Carolyn B. Becker, MD; and David H. Trock, MD
Topics: lyme disease, thyrotoxicosis
Topics: occupational medicine
Topics: libraries
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: pregnancy, metabolism, fetus, mothers, science of nutrition
Topics: transfusion
Topics: metabolic bone disease
Topics: #
Topics: diarrhea, secretory
Topics: viral hepatitis
Topics: medical oncology
Topics: cancer
Topics: endocrine surgical procedures
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