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Maurice E. C. Jeurissen, MD; Agnes M. Th. Boerbooms, MD, PhD; Levinus B. A. van de Putte, MD, PhD; Wim H. Doesburg, MSc; and Albert M. Lemmens, MD, PhD
Topics: rheumatoid arthritis, azathioprine, methotrexate, radiology specialty
Barbara Romanowski, MD; Ruth Sutherland, DPH, RN; Gordon H. Fick, PhD; Debbie Mooney, BSc; and Edgar J. Love, MD, PhD
Topics: syphilis
Alfredo Alberti, MD; Liliana Chemello, MD; Daniela Cavalletto, MD; Alessandro Tagger, MD; Alessandro Dal Canton, MD; Nicola Bizzaro, MD; Giuseppe Tagariello, MD; and Arturo Ruol, MD
Topics: liver diseases, blood donor, hepatitis c antibodies
Jasbir S. Sra, MD; Alfred J. Anderson, MS; Shabbir H. Sheikh, MD; Boaz Avitall, MD, PhD; Patrick J. Tchou, MD; Paul J. Troup, MD; Carol J. Gilbert, RN; Masood Akhtar, MD; and Mohammad R. Jazayeri, MD
Topics: syncope
Suzanne H. Atkin, MD; Amita Dasmahapatra, MD; Michael A. Jaker, MD; Mitchell I. Chorost, BS; and Suman Reddy, BS
Topics: glucose, shock
Thomas G. Cantú, PharmD; and Joan S. Korek, PharmD
Topics: central nervous system, histamine
Obi N. Nwasokwa, MD, PhD; Jerome H. Koss, MD; Gary H. Friedman, MD; Andrew M. Grunwald, MD; and Monty M. Bodenheimer, MD
Topics: angina, stable, bypass
Topics: syphilis
Antonella Surbone, MD; James O. Armitage, MD; and Robert Peter Gale, MD, PhD
Topics: lymphoma, transplantation, autologous
Michael A. LaCombe, MD
Topics: #
Joseph Herman, MD
Topics: #
Stephen M. Capon, MD; William D. DePond, MD; Dolly B. Tyan, MA; Samuel H. Pepkowitz, MD; Hiroo Toyoda, PhD; Arnold C. Cinman, MD; Paul C. Azer, MD; and Dennis Goldfinger, MD
Topics: graft-versus-host disease, transfusion
Topics: fraud, government, malpractice, medicaid, medicare, united states dept. of health and human ...
Topics: hospitals, community, schools, medical
Julio Pascual, MD; José L. Teruel, MD; and Joaquín Ortuño, MD
Topics: erythropoietin
P. Brouqui, MD; D. Raoult, MD, PhD; and B. Conte-Devolx, MD
Topics: thyroiditis
Jeffrey M. Jones, MD, PhD
Topics: lyme disease
Eric Rosenthal, MD; Pierre Marty, MD; Alain Pesce, MD; and Hôpital de Cimiez
Topics: bronchial lavage, genus: leishmania
Philip H. Frost, MD
Topics: niacin
Antonio Guijarro Morales, MD
Topics: heart auscultation
Reuben Granich; and Jonathan Mermin
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, attitude
Topics: quality improvement
Topics: ethics
Topics: ethics, euthanasia
Topics: #
Topics: microcomputers
Topics: drug abuse
Topics: guillain-barre syndrome
Topics: procedure on mediastinum
Topics: pediatrics
Topics: myocardial infarction, acute
Topics: cardiac electrophysiology
Topics: cardiovascular system
Topics: delivery of health care
Topics: #
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