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Fred E. Heidrich, MD, MPH; Andy Stergachis, PhD; and Kenneth M. Gross, MD
Topics: diuretics, hip fractures, drug usage
Topics: bacterial infections, neutropenia, ciprofloxacin, hematologic neoplasms, norfloxacin
Mary M. Horowitz, MD; Dorle Messerer, PhD; Dieter Hoelzer, MD; Robert Peter Gale, MD, PhD; Albrecht Neiss, PhD; Kerry Atkinson, MD; A. John Barrett, MD; Thomas Büchner, MD; Mathias Freund, MD; Gerhard Heil, MD; Wolfgang Hiddemann, MD; Hans-Jochem Kolb, MD; Helmut Löffler, MD; Alberto M. Marmont, MD; Georg Maschmeyer, MD; Alfred A. Rimm, PhD; Ciril Rozman, MD; Kathleen A. Sobocinski, MS; Bruno Speck, MD; Eckhard Thiel, MD; Daniel J. Weisdorf, MD; Ferry E. Zwaan, MD, PhD; and Mortimer M. Bortin, MD
Topics: acute lymphocytic leukemia, bone marrow transplantation, chemotherapy regimen, germany
Sharon Safrin, MD; Timothy G. Berger, MD; Ian Gilson, MD; Peter R. Wolfe, MD; Constance B. Wofsy, MD; John Mills, MD; and Karen K. Biron, PhD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, acyclovir, foscarnet, varicella-zoster virus infections
Khalid H. Sheikh, MD; Charles J. Davidson, MD; Glenn E. Newman, MD; Katherine B. Kisslo, RDMS; and Steve J. Schwab, MD
Topics: renal artery, intravascular ultrasonography
Matthew H. Liang, MD, MPH; Lawren H. Daltroy, DrPH; Martin G. Larson, SD; Alison J. Partridge, LICSW; Micha Abeles, MD; Carol Taylor, RPT; and Anne H. Fossel
Topics: rheumatic disorders, social security, disability
Jeffrey J. Popma, MD; and Eric J. Topol, MD
Topics: thrombolytic therapy, myocardial reperfusion
Anne L. Peters, MD; and Mayer B. Davidson, MD
Topics: diabetes mellitus, type 2, sulfonylurea compounds, insulin
Eileen Hilton, MD; Carol Singer, MD; Phyllis Kozarsky, MD; Miriam A. Smith, MD; M. Peter Lardis, BA; and Michael T. Borenstein, PhD
Topics: poliomyelitis, immunity, rubella, measles, mumps, tetanus, traveler
Topics: health care reform
Geoffrey C. Williams, MD; Timothy E. Quill, MD; Edward L. Deci, PhD; and Richard M. Ryan, PhD
Topics: smoking
Topics: osteoporosis, thiazide diuretics
Ran D. Anbar, MD; and Susan Hoch, MD
Topics: asthma, methotrexate
Mitchell B. Strominger, MD; Ronald Sachs, MD; and Harry M. Engel, MD
Topics: edema, zidovudine
Topics: cardiac arrest
Tony Wong, MD; Olivier Toupance, MD; and Jacques Chanard, MD
Topics: renal transplantation, acyclovir, cytomegalovirus infection
Gregory S. Holt, MD; James L. Wofford, MD; and Ramon Velez, MD
Topics: hemoglobinopathies, glucohemoglobin measurement
Mitchell S. Cappell, MD, PhD; and Berj P. Armenian, MD
Topics: esophagitis, exophiala, candida
Bjørnar Hassel, MD
Topics: erythromycin, hypothermia, natural, hypothermia, induced
Anthony N. Galanos, MD
Topics: disability
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: dreams, judaism
Topics: #
Topics: occupational medicine
Topics: #
Topics: science of nutrition
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: patient care management
Topics: directories as topic
Topics: preventive medicine, cardiology
Topics: cardiovascular diseases
Topics: heart
Topics: aortic valve
Topics: cardiac catheterization
Topics: diabetes mellitus, heart
Topics: sleep disorders
Topics: nervous system disorder
Topics: brain
Topics: awards and prizes, neuroscience
Topics: digestive system disorders
Topics: signs and symptoms, digestive
Topics: laparoscopy
Topics: #
Topics: intestines
Topics: arthroscopy
Topics: magnetic resonance imaging, musculoskeletal system
Topics: endocrinology
Topics: #
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