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Suzanne F. Bradley, MD; Margaret S. Terpenning, MD; Mary A. Ramsey, BS; Lidija T. Zarins, MS; Karen A. Jorgensen, RN; William S. Sottile, PhD; Dennis R. Schaberg, MD; and Carol A. Kauffman, MD
Topics: long-term care, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
Paul A. Tunick, MD; John L. Perez, BA; and Itzhak Kronzon, MD
Topics: atheroma, embolization, descending thoracic aorta
Barry M. Farr, MD, MSC; Andrew J. Sloman, MD; and Michael J. Fisch, MD
Topics: community acquired pneumonia
Randall C. Culpepper, MD, MPH; Ronald G. Williams, MD, MPH; Philip J. Mease, MD; Thomas D. Koepsell, MD, MPH; and John M. Kobayashi, MD, MPH
Topics: eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome
Juan Ignacio Esteban, MD; Juan Carlos López-Talavera, MD; Juan Genescà, MD; Pedro Madoz, MD; Luis Viladomiu, MD; Eduardo Muñiz, MD; Carmen Martin-Vega, MD; Manuel Rosell, MD; Helena Allende, MD; Xavier Vidal, MD; Antonio González, MD; Jose Manuel Hernández, MD; Rafael Esteban, MD; and Jaime Guardia, MD
Topics: liver diseases, blood donor, antibodies, hepatitis c virus, pathogenicity
David L. Bowton, MD; Phillip E. Scuderi, MD; Lynn Harris, BSN; and Edward F. Haponik, MD
Topics: intensive care unit, oximetry, pulse
Topics: care of intensive care unit patient, lung diseases, bioethics, consultant, respiration disorders ...
Topics: complement system proteins, michigan, patient-centered care, perception, biological sciences
Topics: septic shock
David J. Shulkin, MD; and John M. Eisenberg, MD
Topics: internal medicine, medicare
Topics: #
Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, MD
Topics: estrogen
Roger C. Bone, MD
Topics: systemic infection, septicemia
Robert H. Brook, MD, SCD
Topics: quality of care
Gregory T. Valainis, MD
Topics: mycobacterium kansasii infection
Susan Gold, MD; and A. Mark Clarfield, MD
Topics: elderly
Ursula Kronawitter, MD; Johannes R. Bogner, MD; and Frank D. Goebel, MD
Topics: pentamidine, pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii
T. R. Spitzer, MD; J. Zwiebel, MD; and R. J. Jacobson, MD
Topics: tissue donors
Mahendr S. Kochar, MD; Susan Ristow, MS; and Bridget Sharpe, MS
Topics: blood pressure
Roseane Maia Santos, MSC; Soniza Alves Vieira, MB, MSC; and Darcy Roberto Lima, MB, PhD
Topics: coffee, alcoholics
R. J. Coker, MB, BS; and B. S. Peters, MB, BS
Topics: pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii
Malvinder S. Parmar, MD
Topics: baclofen, akinetic mutism
Topics: #
Richard D. Huhn, MD
Topics: calcium oxide
Topics: coiled bodies, libraries, museums, travel
Topics: #
Topics: poetry, humor, medical literature
Topics: #
Topics: hospital administrators, nurses
Topics: #
Topics: congenital heart disease
Topics: lung
Topics: dyspnea
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, lung
Topics: breast cancer
Topics: antineoplastic agents, toxic effect
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