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Mohan Pamulapati, MB, BS; Stephen Teague, MD; Paul Stelzer, MD; and Udho Thadani, MB, BS
Topics: ruptured aneurysm, sinus of valsalva, early stage of pregnancy
William N. Katkov, MD; Lawrence S. Friedman, MD; Heather Cody, BS; Alison Evans, ScD; George Kuo, PhD; Qui-Lim Choo, PhD; Michael Houghton, PhD; and Jules L. Dienstag, MD
Topics: blood donor, hepatitis c virus, alanine aminotransferase, serum
Topics: united states department of veterans affairs, elderly
Michael R. J. Guerriere, MD; and Allan S. Detsky, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Charles B. Smith, MD; and Mark Wolcott, MD
Topics: veterans, health care systems
Dana G. Seeley, MS; Warren S. Browner, MD, MPH; Michael C. Nevitt, PhD; Harry K. Genant, MD; Jean C. Scott, RN, MPH; Steven R. Cummings, MD, Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Research Group*
Topics: bone mineral density, fracture, elderly
Topics: myocardial infarction
Topics: fever, cefoperazone, ceftazidime, imipenem, monobactams, piperacillin
Richard R. Love, MD; Donald A. Wiebe, MD; Polly A. Newcomb, PhD; Linda Cameron, PhD; Howard Leventhal, PhD; V. Craig Jordan, PhD, DSc; Jan Feyzi, MS; and David L. DeMets, PhD
Topics: cardiovascular disease risk factors, postmenopause, tamoxifen
Peter V. Vaitkevicius, MD; Donna M. Esserwein, RD; Andrea K. Maynard, BA; Frances C. O'Connor, BA; and Jerome L. Fleg, MD
Topics: blood pressure, nursing homes, postprandial period, elderly, frequency
Blair P. Grubb, MD; Gary Gerard, MD; Kenneth Roush, MD; Peter Temesy-Armos, MD; Laura Elliott, RN; Harry Hahn, RN; and Claudia Spann, RN
Topics: epilepsy, syncope, convulsive
Kevin Clarkson, MB, BS; Brian Rosenfeld, MD; Jeffrey Fair, MD; Andrew Klein, MD; and William Bell, MD
Topics: factor xi deficiency, liver transplantation
John F. Rothrock, MD; and Robert G. Hart, MD
Topics: fibrinolytic agents, cerebrovascular disorders
Topics: sensitivity analysis
Topics: emergency service, hospital, aminophylline
Topics: gastric ulcer, anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal
Anders Jönsson, MD; and Per Manhem, MD
Topics: hair, octreotide, scalp
Charles F. Curran, PhD
Topics: doxorubicin overdose
George L. Ackerman, MD; and Louis L. Sanders, MD
Topics: #
Topics: internship and residency
Topics: education, medical, schools, medical
Topics: rehabilitation
Topics: tobacco
Topics: kidney diseases
Topics: urology
Topics: renal failure, acute
Topics: kidney
Topics: neurobiology, urinary incontinence
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