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Joaquim Rigau, MD; Josep M. Piqué, MD; Elisa Rubio, MD; Ramón Planas, MD; Josep M. Tarrech, MD; and Josep M. Bordas, MD
Topics: sulindac, colon, multiple polyps
Robert S. Gaston, MD; Bruce A. Julian, MD; Arnold G. Diethelm, MD; and John J. Curtis, MD
Topics: enalapril, renal transplantation, erythrocytosis
Robert H. Fletcher, MD; and Suzanne W. Fletcher, MD
Topics: internal medicine
Edward H. Shortliffe, MD, PhD; Paul C. Tang, MD; and Don E. Detmer, MD
Topics: medical records, computers
David R. Neiblum, MD
Topics: #
David L. Schiedermayer, MD
Topics: #
John R. Roeback Jr., PhD; Khin Mae Hla, MD, MHS; Lloyd E. Chambless, PhD; and Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc
Topics: beta-blocker, high density lipoprotein cholesterol, chromium
Wolfgang Bernauer, MD; Alois Gratwohl, MD; Alexandre Keller, MD; and Basil Daicker, MD
Topics: bone marrow transplantation, uterine fundus
Meletios A. Dimopoulos, MD; Bart Barlogie, MD; Terry L. Smith, MS; and Raymond Alexanian, MD
Topics: drug resistance, multiple myeloma, lactate dehydrogenase test, serum
L. Joseph Wheat, MD; Patricia Connolly-Stringfield, BS; Robinette Blair, BS; Kathleen Connolly, BS; Todd Garringer, BS; and Barry P. Katz, PhD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, antigen assay, histoplasmosis, histoplasma capsulatum
William H. Kou, MD; Hugh Calkins, MD; Ruth R. Lewis, MS, RN; Steve F. Bolling, MD; Marvin M. Kirsch, MD; Jonathan J. Langberg, MD; Michael de Buitleir, MD; Joao Sousa, MD; Rafel El-Atassi, MD; and Fred Morady, MD
Topics: implantable defibrillators, unconsciousness
Nancy Kemeny, MD; Karen Seiter, MD; Daniel Martin, MD; Carlos Urmacher, MD; Donna Niedzwiecki, PhD; Robert C. Kurtz, MD; Patricia Costa, RN; and Margaret Murray, BA
Topics: ascites, fluorouracil, hyperbilirubinemia, hypoalbuminemia, n-phosphonacetyl-l-aspartate
Consensus Development Conference Panel*
Topics: #
Topics: feces, fecal analysis
Kerr L. White, MD; and Julia E. Connelly, MD
Topics: education, medical, intelligence, internal medicine, faculty development
Topics: cholesterol, secondary prevention
Paul A. Tunick, MD
Topics: cholesterol measurement test
James W. Mosley, MD; and Jorge Rakela, MD
Topics: hepatitis fulminant, hepatitis c virus
Topics: contrast media, anaphylactoid reaction
Robin L. Kaplan, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: compression neuropathy
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