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Thomas Papo, MD; Patrick Marcellin, MD; Jacques Bernuau, MD; François Durand, MD; Thierry Poynard, MD; and Jean-Pierre Benhamou, MD
Topics: hepatitis, chronic, autoimmune diseases, interferon-alpha, recombinant interferon alfa
Keith Henry, MD; Scott Rathgaber, MD; Christopher Sullivan, MD; and Kathleen McCabe, RN
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, cachexia, diabetes mellitus, megestrol acetate
Topics: combined modality therapy, hiv infection
Topics: hepatitis c, chronic, interferon-alpha, recombinant interferon alfa
Topics: #
Brian Hjelle, MD; S. Cyrus, MT (SBB); and S. G. Swenson, MT (SBB)
Topics: #
Mahesh Amin, MD; and Gary Gabelman, MD
Topics: #
John B. Kostis, MD
Topics: #
José Alberto Arranz, MD; Rafael Jiménez, MD; and Melchor Alvarez-Mon, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Elisabeth Vidal, MD; A.M. Rogues, MD; and J.C. Aldigier, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Bogdan Dragos Grigoriu; Liliana Veres, MD; and Traian Mihaescu, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: atrial fibrillation, thromboembolism
Topics: atrial fibrillation, thromboembolism
Tze-Chiang Meng, MD; Margaret A. Fischl, MD; Ahmad M. Boota, MD; Stephen A. Spector, MD; Donald Bennett, PhD; Yiannis Bassiakos, PhD; Shenghan Lai, PhD; Brian Wright; and Douglas D. Richman, MD
Topics: combined modality therapy, zalcitabine, zidovudine, hiv infection
Shuhei Nishiguchi, MD, PhD; Tetsuo Kuroki, MD, PhD; Tadashi Ueda, MD; Katsuhiko Fukuda, MD; Tadashi Takeda, MD, PhD; Shinya Nakajima, MD, PhD; Susumu Shiomi, MD, PhD; Kenzo Kobayashi, MD, PhD; Shuzo Otani, MD, PhD; Nakanobu Hayashi, MD, PhD; and Toshio Shikata, MD, PhD
Topics: autoimmune hepatitis, hepatitis c antibodies, rna, viral
Ruby T. Senie, PhD; Paul Peter Rosen, MD; Philip Rhodes, MS; Martin L. Lesser, PhD; and David W. Kinne, MD
Topics: obesity, disease-free survival, breast carcinoma
Brian Dannemann, MD; J. Allen McCutchan, MD; Dennis Israelski, MD; Diane Antoniskis, MD; Catherine Leport, MD; Benjamin Luft, MD; Joseph Nussbaum, MD; Nathan Clumeck, MD; Philippe Morlat, MD; Joseph Chiu, MD; Jean-Louis Vilde, MD; Manuel Orellana, MD; David Feigal, MD; Angie Bartok, MPH; Peter Heseltine, MD; John Leedom, MD; and Jack Remington, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, sulfadiazine, encephalitis, clindamycin, pyrimethamine
Sigmund Rüttimann, MD; Désirée Clémençon, MD; and Ulrich C. Dubach, MD
Topics: outpatients, complete blood count, case finding
Merlin H. Sayers, MD, PhD; Kenneth C. Anderson, MD; Lawrence T. Goodnough, MD; Sanford R. Kurtz, MD; Thomas A. Lane, MD; Patricia Pisciotto, MD; and Leslie E. Silberstein, MD
Topics: cytomegalovirus infection, transfusion
Phillip D. Smith, MD; Thomas C. Quinn, MD; Warren Strober, MD; Edward N. Janoff, MD; and Henry Masur, MD
Topics: #
Andrew D. Oxman, MD; and Gordon H. Guyatt, MD
Topics: decision making, family medicine, inference
Topics: #
Topics: stress echocardiography
Topics: atheroma, heart failure
Topics: analgesics
Topics: smell perception, taste perception
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