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Susana A. Ebner, MD; Marie-Claude Badonnel, PhD; Lawrence K. Altman, MD; and Lewis E. Braverman, MD
Topics: graves' disease
John Noble, MD; Robert H. Friedman, MD; Barbara Starfield, MD; Arlene Ash, PhD; and Charlyn Black, MD, ScD
Topics: internal medicine, pediatrics, primary health care
Topics: developing countries, health transition
Michael Karpf, MD; and Gerald S. Levey, MD
Topics: primary care physicians
Topics: clonidine, portal hypertension
Topics: azithromycin, clarithromycin, macrolides
Anne Scheetz, MD
Topics: #
Dietmar Fuchs, PhD; Günter Weiss, MD; and Helmut Wachter, PhD
Topics: #
Donald E. McMillan, MD; and John I. Malone, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Joseph T. Morris, MD; and C. Kenneth McAllister, MD
Topics: #
Joseph F. Chance, MD; James G. Warner, MD; and Tarek Elsawy, MD
Topics: #
Laura Bilodeau, MD; Lynne M. Preese, MBA; and Fred S. Apple, PhD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
David M. Koelle, MD; Jacqueline Benedetti, PhD; Andria Langenberg, MD; and Lawrence Corey, MD
Topics: simplexvirus, genital herpes
Ronald J. Falk, MD; Susan L. Hogan; Keith E. Muller, PhD; J. Charles Jennette, MD, Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network*
Topics: cyclophosphamide, glomerulonephritis, membranous, mineralocorticoids
Murray Esler, MB, BS, PhD; Frank Dudley, MD; Garry Jennings, MD; Henry Debinski, MB, BS; Gavin Lambert, BSc; Penelope Jones, RN; Brendan Crotty, MB, BS; John Colman, MB, BS; and Ian Willett, MB, BS
Topics: liver cirrhosis, alcoholic, clonidine, nervousness
Andrew D. Krahn, MD; Jure Manfreda, MD; Robert B. Tate, MSc; Francis A. L. Mathewson, MD; and T. Edward Cuddy, MD
Topics: manitoba
Colin K. Grissom, MD; Robert C. Roach, MS; Frank H. Sarnquist, MD; and Peter H. Hackett, MD
Topics: acetazolamide, pulmonary gas exchange, mountain sickness, acute
Carol A. Kemper, MD; Tze-Chiang Meng, MD; Joseph Nussbaum, MD; Joseph Chiu, MD; David F. Feigal, MD; Angie E. Bartok, MPH; John M. Leedom, MD; Jeremiah G. Tilles, MD; Stanley C. Deresinski, MD; J. Allen McCutchan, MD, California Collaborative Treatment Group*
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, rifampin, bacteremia, ciprofloxacin, clofazimine, ethambutol, mycobacterium avium complex
Sherif S. Farag, MB; Michael D. Green, MB; George Morstyn, MB, PhD; William P. Sheridan, MB; and Richard M. Fox, MB, PhD
Topics: biopsy, cancer
Gary S. Hoffman, MD; Gail S. Kerr, MD; Randi Y. Leavitt, MD, PhD; Claire W. Hallahan, MS; Robert S. Lebovics, MD; William D. Travis, MD; Menachem Rottem, MD; and Anthony S. Fauci, MD
Topics: wegener granulomatosis
Mortimer M. Bortin, MD; Mary M. Horowitz, MD; and Alfred A. Rimm, PhD
Topics: bone marrow transplantation, allogeneic
Topics: cardiovascular system, heart
Topics: cardiology
Topics: peripheral vascular diseases
Topics: electrocardiogram
Topics: hyperlipidemia
Topics: vascular network
Topics: kidney diseases
Topics: kidney
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