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Denyse Thornley-Brown, MD; John H. Galla, MD; Phillip D. Williams, MD; K. Sashi Kant, MD; and Mitchell Rashkin, MD
Topics: lithium toxicity, trichobezoars
David H. Spach, MD; Lori A. Panther, MD; David R. Thorning, MD; Jeffrey E. Dunn, MD; James J. Plorde, MD; and Richard A. Miller, MD
Topics: hiv, bacillary angiomatosis
Topics: preoperative cardiac risk, vascular surgical procedures
Christine Demers, MD; Jeffrey S. Ginsberg, MD; Jack Hirsh, MD; Penny Henderson, ART; and Morris A. Blajchman, MD
Topics: antithrombins, thrombosis, antithrombin iii
Topics: #
Topics: helicobacter pylori
Topics: chemotherapy regimen
Kenneth R. Phelps, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Aaron D. Kugelmass, MD; and J. Anthony Ware, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Akihiro Tajima, MD; Tetsuya Mine, MD, PhD; and Etsuro Ogata, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Pascal Nicod, MD; and Urs Scherrer, MD
Topics: #
Fredrick B. Hagemeister, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
David Y. Graham, MD; Ginger M. Lew, PA-C; Peter D. Klein, PhD; Dolores G. Evans, PhD; Doyle J. Evans Jr., PhD; Zahid A. Saeed, MD; and Hoda M. Malaty, MD
Topics: duodenal ulcer, helicobacter pylori gastritis
Jourik A. Gietema, MD; Dirk Th. Sleijfer, MD; Pax H. B. Willemse, MD; Heimen Schraffordt Koops, MD; Engbertha van Ittersum, MD; W. M. Monique Verschuren, MSc; Daan Kromhout, PhD; Willem J. Sluiter, PhD; Nanno H. Mulder, MD; and Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, MD
Topics: cardiovascular disease risk factors, chemotherapy regimen, testicular non-germ cell tumor
Douglas P. Kiel, MD, MPH; John A. Baron, MD, MS, MSc; Jennifer J. Anderson, PhD; Marian T. Hannan, MPH; and David T. Felson, MD, MPH
Topics: smoking, estrogen, hip fractures
Jeanne S. Mandelblatt, MD, MPH; Mary E. Wheat, MD; Mark Monane, MD, MS; Rebecca D. Moshief, MBA; James P. Hollenberg, MD; and Jian Tang, MS
Topics: comorbidity, elderly, breast neoplasm screening, decision analysis
Laurence A. Harker, MD; Eugene F. Bernstein, MD, PhD; Ralph B. Dilley, MD; Terese E. Scala, RN; Michael J. Sise, MD; Robert J. Hye, MD; Shirley M. Otis, MD; Robin S. Roberts, MT; and Gent Michael, DSc
Topics: aspirin, dipyridamole, restenosis, endarterectomy, carotid
Frank A. Lederle, MD; Connie M. Parenti, MD; Lisa C. Berskow, BA; and Kathleen J. Ellingson, PharmD
Topics: catheter device
Topics: generalization (psychology), prejudice
Topics: practice management
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: systemic vasculitis
Topics: somatization disorder
Topics: sleeping pill
Topics: spine
Topics: rheumatic disorders
Topics: spine
Topics: cardiac pacing, artificial, electrophysiology
Topics: headache
Topics: drug delivery systems, peptides, brain
Topics: immunology
Topics: respiration, environmental air flow
Topics: hemodialysis, dialysis procedure
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