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Trish M. Perl, MD; Thomas H. Haugen, MD, PhD; Michael A. Pfaller, MD; Richard Hollis, MA; Alfred D. Lakeman, PhD; Richard J. Whitley, MD; Don Nicholson, MD; Gloria A. Hunter, MS; and Richard P. Wenzel, MD, MSc
Topics: human herpesvirus 1, intensive care unit
Anna Wald, MD; Marie B. Coyle, PhD; LaDonna C. Carlson, BS; Robert L. Thompson, MD; and Thomas M. Hooton, MD
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, mycobacterium infections, mycobacterium simiae
Topics: digestive tract decontamination
S. Jody Heymann, MD, PhD; Timothy F. Brewer, MD, MPH; Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, PhD; and Mary E. Wilson, MD
Topics: blood supply, arterial
Jeffrey A. Katt, MD
Topics: #
Tsuyoshi Inoshita, MD
Topics: #
John F. Beary III, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Larry Greenbaum, MD
Topics: #
Robert Orenstein, DO
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Fred Coe, MD
Topics: #
Conrad Rosenberg, MD
Topics: #
Franklin R. Cockerill III, MD; Sharon R. Muller, RN; John P. Anhalt, PhD, MD; H. Michael Marsh, MBBS; Michael B. Farnell, MD; Peter Mucha, MD; Delmar J. Gillespie, MD; Duane M. Ilstrup, MS; Jeffrey J. Larson-Keller, BS; and Rodney L. Thompson, MD
Topics: critical illness, infection prophylaxis, digestive tract decontamination
Kenrad E. Nelson, MD; James G. Donahue, DVM; Alvaro Muñoz, PhD; Noah D. Cohen, VMD, PhD; Paul M. Ness, MD; Anita Teague, RN; Veronica A. Stambolis, MA; David H. Yawn, MD; Betty Callicott, MTACP; Hugh McAllister, MD; Bruce A. Reitz, MD; Helen Lee, PhD; Homayoon Farzadegan, PhD; and Charles G. Hollingsworth, DrPH
Topics: cardiac surgery procedures, hiv-1, human t-lymphotropic virus 1, retroviridae, transfusion
Topics: endocarditis, intravenous drug user
M-Pilar Tornos, MD; G. Permanyer-Miralda, MD; Montserrat Olona, MD; Miguel Gil, MD; Enrique Galve, MD; Benito Almirante, MD; and J. Soler-Soler, MD
Topics: endocarditis, infectious, native valve
Rocco Misiani, MD; Piermario Bellavita, MD; Domenico Fenili, BiolScD; Giuseppe Borelli, BiolScD; Donatella Marchesi, MD; Margherita Massazza, MD; Giovanni Vendramin, MD; Benedetto Comotti, MD; Elisabetta Tanzi, PhD; Guido Scudeller, MD; and Alessandro Zanetti, PhD
Topics: essential mixed cryoglobulinemia, hepatitis c virus, italy
Gilbert Deray, MD; Mohamed Benhmida, MD; Phuc Le Hoang, MD; Philippe Maksud, MD; Brigitte Aupetit, MD; Alain Baumelou, MD; and Claude Jacobs
Topics: renal function, blood pressure, autoimmunity, uveitis, cyclosporine
Paul G. Shekelle, MD, MPH; Alan H. Adams, DC; Mark R. Chassin, MD, MPH, MPP; Eric L. Hurwitz, DC, MS; and Robert H. Brook, MD, ScD
Topics: manipulation, spinal, pain, lower back
Lawrence J. Schneiderman, MD; Richard Kronick, PhD; Robert M. Kaplan, PhD; John P. Anderson, PhD; and Robert D. Langer, MD, MPH
Topics: advance directives
Topics: ethics, ethics, medical
Topics: #
Topics: obstetrics and gynecology department
Topics: client satisfaction
Topics: coronary artery, writing
Topics: magnetic resonance imaging
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