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John W. Williams Jr, MD, MHS; David L. Simel, MD, MHS; LeRoy Roberts, MD; and Greg P. Samsa, PhD
Topics: sinusitis
Shereen Ezzat, MD; Peter J. Snyder, MD; William F. Young, MD; Louis D. Boyajy, PhD; Connie Newman, MD; Anne Klibanski, MD; Mark E. Molitch, MD; Aubrey E. Boyd, MD; Leslie Sheeler, MD; David M. Cook, MD; William B. Malarkey, MD; Ivor Jackson, MD; Mary Lee Vance, MD; Michael O. Thorner, MD; Ariel Barkan, MD; Lawrence A Frohman, MD; and Shlomo Melmed, MD
Topics: acromegaly, octreotide
Topics: acromegaly, left ventricular hypertrophy, psychological suppression
Michael L. Bennish, MD; Mohammed Abdus Salam, MB, BS; Wasif Ali Khan, MB, BS; and Ali Miraj Khan, MB, BS
Topics: ciprofloxacin, shigella infection
Bruce L. Davidson, MD, MPH; C. Gregory Elliott, MD; Anthonie W. A. Lensing, MD, PhD, RD Heparin Arthroplasty Group*>
Topics: ultrasonography, doppler color flow, venous thrombosis, leg
David H. Henry, MD; Gildon N. Beall, MD; Constance A. Benson, MD; John Carey, MD; Lawrence A. Cone, MD; Lawrence J. Eron, MD; Milan Fiala, MD; Margaret A. Fischl, MD; Stephen J. Gabin, MD; Michael S. Gottlieb, MD; Jeffrey E. Galpin, MD; Jerome E. Groopman, MD; Thomas M. Hooton, MD; Joseph G. Jemsek, MD; Randy L. Levine, MD; Steven A. Miles, MD; John J. Rinehart, MD; Adan Rios, MD; William J. Robbins, MD; John C. Ruckdeschel, MD; Jean A. Smith, MD; Spotswood L. Spruance, MD; Barbara Starrett, MD; John Toney, MD; Ralph Zalusky, MD; Robert I. Abels, MD; Edward C. Bryant, DrPH; Kay M. Larholt, ScD; Allan R. Sampson, PhD; and Seth A. Rudnick, MD
Topics: anemia, hiv, erythropoietin, zidovudine
Kyuhyun Wang, MD; and Morrison Hodges, MD
Topics: premature ventricular contractions
Ishmael A. Jaiyesimi, DO; Aman U. Buzdar, MD; Aysegul A. Sahin, MD; and Merrick A. Ross, MD
Topics: carcinoma, breast
Topics: internal medicine
E. William St. Clair, MD; Eugene Z. Oddone, MD; R. A. Waugh, MD; G. Ralph Corey, MD; and John R. Feussner, MD
Topics: cardiology, simulators
Gordon L. Noel, MD; Jerome E. Herbers Jr., MD; Madlen P. Caplow; Glinda S. Cooper, MS; Louis N. Pangaro, MD; and Joan Harvey, MD
Topics: internal medicine, internship and residency, medical residencies
Robert H. Fletcher, MD; and Suzanne W. Fletcher, MD
Topics: #
Topics: folklore, medical malpractice
Herbert J. Keating III, MD
Topics: #
Daniel S. Berman, MD; and Barry D. Wenglin, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Mark B. Skeen, MD; Marvin P. Rozear, MD; and Joel C. Morgenlander, MD
Topics: #
Ali Serdar Fak, MD; Cetin Ozener, MD; and Emel Akoglu, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Mitchell H. Katz, MD; Andrew B. Bindman, MD; and Miriam S. Komaromy, MD
Topics: #
John G. Meharg Jr., MD
Topics: #
Janis Quinlisk, MLS, MAT
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Nicolas Dalton
Topics: #
Giuliano Enzi, MD; Raffaele Carraro, MD; Pietro Alfieri, MD; Luca Busetto, MD; Maura Digito, MBS; Mara Pavan, MD; and Paolo Negrin, MD
Topics: lipomatosis, shoulder girdle
Mark I. Taragin, MD, MPH; Laura R. Willett, MD; Adam P. Wilczek, BA; Richard Trout, PhD; and Jeffrey L. Carson, MD
Topics: medical malpractice, standard of care
Topics: electrophysiology, heart
Topics: heart diseases, diagnostic imaging
Topics: exercise, heart
Topics: monitoring, respiratory
Topics: dermatology, color
Topics: #
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