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Topics: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, kidney diseases, kidney failure, chronic
Birgit Agerholm-Larsen, MS; Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, MD, DMSc; Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, MD; Marie-Louise M. Gronholdt, MD; Gorm Jensen, MD, DMSc; and Borge G. Nordestgaard, MD, DMSc
Topics: ischemia, cerebrovascular disorders, polymorphism, ace gene
Graciela S. Alarcon, MD, MPH; Joel M. Kremer, MD; Maurizio Macaluso, MD, DrPH; Michael E. Weinblatt, MD; Grant W. Cannon, MD; William R. Palmer, MD; E. William St. Clair, MD; John S. Sundy, MD; Ronald W. Alexander, MS; G.J. Walker Smith, MD; and Constantine A. Axiotis, MD
Topics: rheumatoid arthritis, methotrexate, injury of lung
Johanna Adami, MD, MPH; Olof Nyren, MD; Reinhold Bergstrom, PhD; Anders Ekbom, MD; Joseph K. McLaughlin, PhD; Claes Hogman, MD; Joseph F. Fraumeni Jr., MD; and Bengt Glimelius, MD
Topics: blood transfusion, lymphoma, non-hodgkin, transfusion
Kam S. Woo, MB, BS, MD, FRACP; Jacqui T.C. Robinson, RN; Ping Chook, MPhil, MD; Mark R. Adams, MBBS, FRACP; Gabriel Yip, MB, ChB, MRCP; Z.J. Mai, MD; Chris W.K. Lam, PhD; Keld E. Sorensen, MD; John E. Deanfield, MB, ChB, FRCP; and David S. Celermajer, MB, BS, PhD, FRACP
Topics: smoking, endothelium, chinese people, smoke
Tamara L. Wall, PhD; Charles M. Peterson, MD; Karen P. Peterson, PhD; Mona L. Johnson, BA; Holly R. Thomasson, MD, PhD; Maury Cole, BA; and Cindy L. Ehlers, PhD
Topics: aldehyde dehydrogenases, polymorphism, asian americans, ethanol, aldehyde dehydrogenase, ethanol metabolism, acetaldehyde, genotype ...
Topics: software
Joseph S. Alpert, MD; and Howard R. Horn, MD
Topics: cardiology, congestive heart failure, angioplasty, myocardial infarction, digoxin, coronary artery bypass surgery, ...
Topics: anticoagulants, lidocaine, ischemia, cancer, exposure, languages, medline, prognostic factors, cochrane collaboration
Ross E. Andersen, PhD; Steven N. Blair, PED; Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD; and Susan J. Bartlett, PhD
Topics: physical activity, exercise, physician's role, lack of exercise, life style
Topics: alleles, ethanol, smoking, africa, china, dilatation, pathologic, acetaldehyde, racial group, aldehyde dehydrogenase, ...
Topics: glass, tuberculosis, vaccines
Mark D. Zimmerman, MD; Kana Appadurai, MBBS, MRCP(UK); James G. Scott, MBBS; Leon B. Jellett, MDBS, FRACP, FRACMA; and Frank H. Garlick, MS, FRCS, FRACS
Topics: #
Carrie A. Redlich, MD, MPH; and Mark R. Cullen, MD
Topics: #
Basil E. Akpunonu, MD, MSc; and Douglas J. Federman, MD
Topics: #
Richard H. Moseley, MD
Topics: #
James M. Walker, MD
Topics: #
Michael Kirsch, MD
Topics: #
Sunil G. Sheth, MD; Fredric D. Gordon, MD; and Sanjiv Chopra, MD
Topics: #
Nina Singh, MD; and Timothy Gayowski, MD
Topics: #
Matthew E. Falagas, MD, MSc; and David R. Snydman, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
George N. Braman, MD
Topics: #
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