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Stephen Kern, PhD
Topics: computers, cybernetics, internet, organ transplantation, psychoanalysis, telephone, memory, psychiatrist, philosophy, communication and ...
Richard V. Lee, MD
Topics: music
William J. Hall, MD
Topics: aging, elderly
Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD
Topics: education, medical
Topics: body temperature, graphical displays, thermometer, device
Jonathan M. Samet, MD, MS
Topics: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, smoking, public health medicine
Topics: prednisone, azathioprine, information systems, bone marrow, toxic effect, reasoning, chronic disease, laboratory ...
Kate A. Scannell, MD
Topics: cancer, telephone
Topics: #
Topics: cancer, dementia, sarcoidosis, love, nurses, happiness, vision, personality character, chest, nursing homes, ...
Topics: teaching hospitals, schools, medical, students, medical, teacher, clinical medicine, memory, physician-patient relations ...
Topics: health, internet, managed care programs, cricetinae, germany, assault, medical coding, fee for ...
Linda Hawes Clever, MD
Topics: ethics, health personnel, tuberculosis, economics, pressure-physical agent, compassion, wakefulness, face, history of ...
Richard V. Lee, MD; and Frank Davidoff, MD

Medical care moves through time, a choreography for the dance between patients and their caregivers. The essays on time and medicine in this issue reveal a spectacular array of alternative views of time and of ways that medicine intersects with time's many facets.

Topics: transient ischemic attack, fibronectins, emotion, advertising, buddhist religion, caregiver, chronic disease, commerce, ...
Frank Davidoff, MD

As befits this new year, this new century, and this (almost) new millennium, an entirely new electronic version of Annals is currently under development and will be up and running several months from now. What will be new about the new e-journal? Nearly everything.

Topics: access to information, automobiles, equidae, equus caballus, internal medicine, international system of ...
Richard Saitz, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Kenneth M. Kessler, MD
Topics: #
John C. Peirce, MD, MA, MS
Topics: #
Bimal P. Jain, MD
Topics: #
Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD; Gary H. Lyman, MD, MPH; and Iztok Hozo, PhD
Topics: #
John F. Steiner, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Isabelle Marie, MD; Frédéric Lecomte, MD; and Hervé Levesque, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Ulrich R. Hengge, MD; Manfred Goos, MD; and Rüdiger Arndt, MD
Topics: #
Topics: metoprolol, congestive heart failure
Topics: #
William Young, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
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