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Topics: prednisone, rheumatoid arthritis
Joette M. Meyer, PharmD; Nancy P. Silliman, PhD; Wenjin Wang, PhD; Nancy Y. Siepman, PhD; Jennifer E. Sugg, MS; David Morris, PhD; Jie Zhang, PhD; Helen Bhattacharyya, PhD; Eileen C. King, PhD; and Robert J. Hopkins, MD, MPH + TM
Topics: helicobacter pylori, drug resistance, microbial, metronidazole, surveillance, medical, clarithromycin, amoxicillin, e test, ...
E. Wesley Ely, MD, MPH; Arthur P. Wheeler, MD; B. Taylor Thompson, MD; Marek Ancukiewicz, PhD; Kenneth P. Steinberg, MD; Gordon R. Bernard, MD, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Network
Topics: respiratory distress syndrome, adult, ventilators, mechanical, acute lung injury, mechanical ventilation, elderly, ...
Andrea Obernosterer, MD; Manuela Aschauer, MD; Wolfgang Schnedl, MD; and Rainer W. Lipp, MD
Topics: venous thrombosis, ilium, inferior vena cava, deep vein thrombosis
Saul Benedict Freedman, MB, BS, PhD; and Jeffrey M. Isner, MD
Topics: angiogenesis, vascular endothelial growth factor a, coronary arteriosclerosis, gene transfer techniques, myocardium ...
American College of Physicians–American Society of Internal Medicine*
Topics: pharmacist, pharmacies
Topics: echinacea preparation, herbal therapy, panax, ginkgo biloba, kava, saw palmetto
Topics: terminally ill
Topics: prednisone, rheumatoid arthritis, glucocorticoids
Thomas E. Lindow, MD
Topics: #
David D. Waddell, MD
Topics: #
Paul J. Rosch, MD
Topics: #
Robert H. Palmer, MD
Topics: #
David T. Felson, MD, MPH; and Timothy McAlindon, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Topics: antibiotics, helicobacter pylori, helicobacter infections
Topics: acute lung injury, respiratory distress syndrome, adult, elderly
Topics: blood coagulation, inferior vena cava
Topics: prednisone, rheumatoid arthritis
Topics: #
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