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Paul E. O'Brien, MD; John B. Dixon, MBBS, PhD; Cheryl Laurie, RN; Stewart Skinner, MBBS, PhD; Joe Proietto, MBBS, PhD; John McNeil, MBBS, MSc, PhD; Boyd Strauss, MBBS, PhD; Sharon Marks, MBBS, PhD; Linda Schachter, MBBS; Leon Chapman, MBBS; and Margaret Anderson, BHIM
Topics: obesity, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, weight reduction
Sylvia Feder, MA, MICP; Roger L. Matheny, MICP; Robert S. Loveless Jr, PhD, EMT-D; and Thomas D. Rea, MD, MPH
Topics: resuscitation, terminally ill
Brenda E. Sirovich, MD, MS; Daniel J. Gottlieb, MS; H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH; and Elliott S. Fisher, MD, MPH
Topics: quality of care, perception, beds
Timothy H. Holtz, MD, MPH; Maya Sternberg, PhD; Steve Kammerer, MBA; Kayla F. Laserson, ScD; Vija Riekstina, MD; Evija Zarovska, MD; Vija Skripconoka, MD; Charles D. Wells, MD; and Vaira Leimane, MD
Topics: multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, sputum cytology screening
Anna A. Ahimastos, BSc(Hons); Adam Lawler, BSc; Christopher M. Reid, PhD; Peter A. Blombery, MB, PhD; and Bronwyn A. Kingwell, PhD

The authors randomly assigned 40 older adults with symptomatic peripheral arterial disease to ramipril, 10 mg/d, or to placebo. After adjustment for between-group baseline differences, mean pain-free walking time after ramipril treatment was 227 seconds (95% CI, 175 seconds to 278 seconds; P < 0.001) longer than after placebo treatment. Similarly, maximum walking time improved by 451 seconds in the ramipril group (CI, 367 seconds to 536 seconds; P < 0.001) but did not change in the placebo group. No adverse events were reported.

Topics: peripheral vascular diseases, ramipril, ability to walk, pain
John T. Chang, MD, MPH; Ron D. Hays, PhD; Paul G. Shekelle, MD, PhD; Catherine H. MacLean, MD, PhD; David H. Solomon, MD; David B. Reuben, MD; Carol P. Roth, RN, MPH; Caren J. Kamberg, MSPH; John Adams, PhD; Roy T. Young, MD; and Neil S. Wenger, MD, MPH
Topics: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, quality of care, medical records, cerebrovascular accident, atrial fibrillation, ...
Wendy Lim, MD, BSc; Francesco Dentali, MD; John W. Eikelboom, MBBS; and Mark A. Crowther, MD, MSc
Includes: CME
Topics: hemorrhage, low-molecular-weight heparin, kidney failure, enoxaparin, creatinine clearance
Topics: informed consent, health insurance portability and accountability act, privacy
Thomas A. Wadden, PhD; and Adam Gilden Tsai, MD, MS
Topics: body mass index procedure, bariatric surgery, obesity
Arthur Kellermann, MD; and Joanne Lynn, MD
Topics: resuscitation
Topics: spending
David P. Steensma, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Steven T. Johnson, MSc; and Rhonda C. Bell, PhD
Topics: #
Mary M. McDermott, MD; Kiang Liu, PhD; and Lu Tian, ScD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD, PhD, MPH; and Joel D. Kopple, MD
Topics: #
Chi-yuan Hsu, MD, MSc; Carlos Iribarren, MD, MPH, PhD; and Alan S. Go, MD
Topics: #
Richard L. Neubauer, MD
Topics: #
Ashok V. Daftary, MD
Topics: #
Didier Raoult, MD, PhD; Patricia Renesto, PhD; and Philipe Brouqui, MD, PhD
Topics: #
José-Manuel Fernández-Real, MD, PhD; Mónica Recasens, MD; and Wifredo Ricart, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: obesity, weight reduction, laparoscopy, gastric band placement
Topics: multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
Topics: peripheral vascular diseases, ramipril, ability to walk
Topics: quality of care, managed care organizations
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