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Robert I. Berkowitz, MD; Ken Fujioka, MD; Stephen R. Daniels, MD, PhD; Alison G. Hoppin, MD; Stanford Owen, MD; Arlette C. Perry, PhD; Melinda S. Sothern, PhD; Cheryl L. Renz, MD; Mark A. Pirner, MD, PhD; Julia K. Walch, BS; Olga Jasinsky, MBA; Ann C. Hewkin, MSc; Vicky A. Blakesley, MD, PhD, Sibutramine Adolescent Study Group*
Topics: obesity, sibutramine, body mass index procedure
Rob M. van Dam, PhD; Walter C. Willett, MD; JoAnn E. Manson, MD; and Frank B. Hu, MD
Topics: body mass index procedure, death, premature, overweight, obesity
Tien Yin Wong, MD, MPH, PhD; Ronald Klein, MD, MPH; Cong Sun, MD, MPH; Paul Mitchell, MD, PhD; David J. Couper, PhD; Hong Lai, PhD; Larry D. Hubbard, MAT; A. Richey Sharrett, MD, DrPH, Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study
Topics: cerebrovascular accident, ischemic stroke, age-related macular degeneration, stroke risk, retina, retinaldehyde
Carol M. Mangione, MD, MSPH; Robert B. Gerzoff, MS; David F. Williamson, PhD; W. Neil Steers, PhD; Eve A. Kerr, MD; Arleen F. Brown, MD, PhD; Beth E. Waitzfelder, PhD; David G. Marrero, PhD; R. Adams Dudley, MD, MBA; Catherine Kim, MD, MPH; William Herman, MD; Theodore J. Thompson, MS; Monika M. Safford, MD; Joe V. Selby, MD, MPH, TRIAD Study Group*
Topics: diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus, type 2, disease management
Kevin Douglas, MD; Patrick G. O'Malley, MD, MPH; and Jeffrey L. Jackson, MD, MPH
Topics: proteinuria, statins
Arshag D. Mooradian, MD; Marla Bernbaum, MD; and Stewart G. Albert, MD
Topics: insulin
American College of Physicians*
Topics: influenza, pandemic, health personnel
Topics: #
Topics: weight maintenance regimen, obesity
Topics: proteinuria, statins, kidney
Stephen W. Hwang, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Topics: #
Pierre-Marie Roy, MD, PhD; and Guy Meyer, MD
Topics: #
Karen C. Patterson, MD; Ariel Weissmann, MD, MPH; Tahamtan Ahmadi, MD, PhD; and Harrison W. Farber, MD
Topics: #
Sandra Ciesek, MD; Johannes Hadem, MD; Judith Fischer, MD, PhD; Michael P. Manns, MD; and Christian P. Strassburg, MD
Topics: #
Benjamin Wyplosz, MD, PhD; Florian Scotté, MD; Agnès Lillo-Le Louët; and Alain Chevrot, MD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Topics: #
George N. Braman
Topics: #
Topics: obesity
Topics: obesity, death, premature
Topics: cerebrovascular accident, ischemic stroke, age-related macular degeneration
Topics: quality of care, diabetes mellitus, type 2, disease management
John G. Bartlett, MD
Topics: influenza, avian influenza, pandemic
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