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Judith Currier, MD, MSc; Dawn Averitt Bridge, BIS; Debbie Hagins, MD; Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Judith Feinberg, MD; Robert Ryan, MSc; Ron Falcon, MD; Alan Tennenberg, MD, MPH; Joseph Mrus, MD, MSc; Kathleen Squires, MD, on behalf of the GRACE (Gender, Race, And Clinical Experience) Study Group
Topics: ritonavir, darunavir, virologic failure, anti-retroviral agents, viral load result
Saroj Vadhan-Raj, MD; Jonathan Trent, MD; Shreyaskumar Patel, MD; Xiao Zhou, MD, PhD; Marcella M. Johnson, MS; Dejka Araujo, MD; Joseph A. Ludwig, MD; Shana O'Roark, RN, APN; Ann M. Gillenwater, MD; Carlos Bueso-Ramos, MD, PhD; Adel K. El-Naggar, MD, PhD; and Robert S. Benjamin, MD
Topics: chemotherapy regimen, fgf7 protein, human, mucositis, oropharyngeal, single-dose regimen, mucous inflammation, cancer ...
Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar, PhD; Karen M. Kuntz, ScD; Amy B. Knudsen, PhD; Janneke A. Wilschut, MS; Ann G. Zauber, PhD; and Marjolein van Ballegooijen, MD, PhD
Topics: medicare, fecal analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, colorectal cancer screening, colorectal cancer, dna test, ...
Mette Charlot, MD; Ole Ahlehoff, MD; Mette Lykke Norgaard, MD; Casper H. Jørgensen, MD; Rikke Sørensen, MD; Steen Z. Abildstrøm, MD, PhD; Peter Riis Hansen, MD, PhD, DMSc; Jan Kyst Madsen, MD, DMSc; Lars Køber, MD, DMSc; Christian Torp-Pedersen, MD, DMSc; and Gunnar Gislason, MD, PhD
Topics: clopidogrel, proton pump inhibitors, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease risk factors
Alawi A. Alsheikh-Ali, MD, MS; Georgios D. Kitsios, MD, PhD; Ethan M. Balk, MD, MPH; Joseph Lau, MD; and Stanley Ip, MD
Topics: atheroma, diagnostic imaging, cardiovascular event, biological markers, emotional vulnerability, lipids, cardiovascular diseases, ...
Topics: testicular cancer, testicular malignant germ cell tumor, preventive medicine
Topics: fluorouracil, health services research, levamisole, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, false-positive results, surrogate endpoints, ...
John P. May, MD; Patrice Joseph, MD; Jean William Pape, MD; and Ingrid A. Binswanger, MD, MPH
Topics: haiti, prisoners, correctional facilities
Topics: medical oncology, fgf7 protein, human, mucositis, oropharyngeal, mucous inflammation, academic medical centers, ...
Joao Paulo de Aquino Lima; and James M. Brophy, MD, PhD
Topics: clopidogrel, drug interactions, brazil, proton pump inhibitors, quebec, cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction ...
Esther S. Tanzman, MD
Topics: #
Wim Opstelten, MD, PhD; Gerrit A. van Essen, MD, PhD; and Eelko Hak, MSc, PhD
Topics: #
Laura Hurley, MD, MPH; and Allison Kempe, MD, MPH
Topics: #
Edward R. Smith, MSc, PhD; and Stephen G. Holt, MBBS, PhD
Topics: #
Vincent M. Brandenburg, MD; Benjamin D. Parker, MD; and Joachim H. Ix, MD, MAS
Topics: #
Gary M. Reisfield, MD; Noni A. Graham, MPH; and Mark S. Gold, MD
Topics: #
Joanna L. Starrels, MD, MS; Daniel P. Alford, MD, MPH; and Barbara J. Turner, MD, MSEd, Executive Deputy Editor
Topics: #
Zackary D. Berger, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Topics: #
Gordon Guyatt, MD, MSc; Holger Schünemann, MD, PhD; and Elie Akl, MD, PhD
Topics: #
Frank E. Corrigan III, MD; Andrew R. Leventhal, MD, PhD; Sabiha Khan, MD; Shaline Rao, MD; Lisa Christopher-Stine, MD, MPH; and Steven P. Schulman, MD
Topics: #
Ronald Lands, MD
Topics: #
Topics: cerebrovascular accident, ischemic stroke, alteplase
Topics: fracture, vitamin d, elderly
Topics: statins, cardiovascular diseases
Topics: asthma, intubation, agonists
Topics: gestational diabetes, shoulder dystocia
Topics: probiotics, irritable bowel syndrome
Topics: low-molecular-weight heparin, hip region, hip joint, knee replacement arthroplasty, vitamin k antagonists, ...
Topics: rheumatoid arthritis
Topics: gastroesophageal reflux disease, quality of life, laparoscopic fundoplication
Topics: peptic ulcer hemorrhage, proton pump inhibitors
Topics: vitamin e, pioglitazone, steatohepatitis, non-alcoholic
Topics: warfarin, ciprofloxacin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination, upper gastrointestinal bleeding
Topics: chemotherapy regimen, fgf7 protein, human, mucositis, oropharyngeal
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