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ACP Journal Club

ACP Journal Club is published by the American College of Physicians. The ACP Journal Club editorial office is based at McMaster University and is editorially independent from Annals of Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians.

Editorial Staff

Brian Haynes, MD, PhD (Send Letter to Editor)
Lori Ann Linkins, MD, MSc

Deputy Editors
Thomas Agoritsas, MD, PhD
James Douketis, MD
Alfonso Iorio, MD
Mitchell Levine, MD
Maura Marcucci, MD, MSc
Harvey J. Murff, MD, MPH
Stephanie G. Wheeler, MD, MPH

Associate Editors
Eric Bates, MD
Christopher R. Carpenter, MD, MSc
Edmond Chouinard, MD
Catherine Clase, MB, BChir
Deborah Cook, MD
John F. Cox, III, MD
Carolyn J. Crandall, MD, MS
Chris Del Mar, MB, BChir, MD
Tracey E. Doering, MD
Andrew Dunn, MD
Donna Fedorkow, MD
John Geddes, MD
Hertzel Gerstein, MD
Lawrence Hart, MD
Calvin H. Hirsch, MD
Richard Hoffman, MD
Anne Holbrook, MD, PharmD
Roman Jaeschke, MD
Eddy S. Lang, MD
Lorraine L. Lipscombe, MDCM, MSc
Mark Loeb, MD
Lorraine Macdonald, MD
John Marshall, MD
David Morgan, MD
Eleftherios Mylonakis, MD, PhD
James Nishikawa, MD
Wieslaw Oczkowski, MD
Gary M. Onady, MD, PhD
Dominic Raco, MD
Russell L. Rothman, MD, MPP
Henry Sacks, MD, PhD
Paul Shekelle, MD, PhD
Madhusree Singh, MD
Matthew Stanbrook, MD, PhD
Daniel Steinberg, MD
Martin Stockler, MBBS
Sharon Straus, MD
Ken Uchino, MD
Laura R. Willett, MD
Andrew Worster, MD

Research Associates
Cynthia Lokker, PhD
Jean Mackay, MA, MSc
Lorraine Weise-Kelly, PhD

Managing Editor
Susan Marks, BA, BEd

Production Supervisor
Dawn Jedraszewski

Editorial Assistant
Norma Brown

Editorial Office

Health Information Research Unit (HIRU)
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences
CRL Building, First Floor
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1, Canada
905-525-9140, ext. 22737

Editorial Policy: Copyrights and Disclaimers

ACP Journal Club has published abstracts and expert commentaries to the best studies in internal medicine since 1991.

The contents of ACP Journal Club are protected by copyright, with the exception of commentaries authored by U.S. government employees whose work was done as part of their official duties, which are in the public domain.

Copyrighted information on this Web site is provided solely for personal use. Permission for other uses must be obtained from the American College of Physicians. You can obtain further details on permission to copy or republish ACP material.

Statements expressed in ACP Journal Club reflect the views of the authors. Information published herein does not represent an official position of the American College of Physicians, unless so identified. ACP Journal Club and the American College of Physicians accept no responsibility for statements made by contributors or claims made by advertisers, nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement.

Disclaimer: The American College of Physicians disclaims all liability for damages arising from the use of any information provided on this Web site, including special and consequential damages, expenses, or other claims. The American College of Physicians specifically disclaims any warrant, guarantee, or representation as to the correctness, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, fitness of purpose, merchantability, or use of this information. The information included herein should never be used as a substitute for clinical judgment.


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